• Hello all again. I have been busy with my version of Hobbs_ Invasion USA map, and I have just uploaded a new update to GitHub. UNDER SIEGE: America 2.5!!
    Updates include:
    AI detection and gameplay set.
    Streamed lined the Laser Tower/Strike play to allow the AI to play as the Americans and use them.
    Strike counters relocated to Northern Command so the American Player can find them quicker and see which have not been used.
    'More' tech reinforcements for the American Player.
    The 'Tutorial' has been turned off.

    One note: If 'Land Battles' are left at 1 turn, the AI may leave unprotected air units in a contested territory which will cause the game to quit. Still trying to figure a way around this. If anyone has seen this and know a way around it I would appreciate the help.


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    So far I only played AI for a few rounds. But looks cool and will try get a live game going. Nice job.

    I have a couple suggestions:

    1. Include more details in the game notes. The tutorial is nice but you need something to refer back to at any time. Especially tech related.

    2. On the depot (TripleA download list) this game is still in the "Invasion USA" folder, the old version of this is anyways. Should update there as well to avoid confusion.

    3. Also we had confusion with respect to the name itself. It's cool to leave all 3 mods in the one folder, but once installing "Invasion USA" you don't expect to scroll way down on the list of maps to find "Under Siege America" and vice versa. Consider either listing in the game description what is included or having all mods begin same way, so all listed together.

    4. Are some of the tech related placements player enforced by sector? If so, should include in game notes all player enforced rules too. Also you can make these tech placement related rules engine enforced by making specific units for each tech rule and assigning placement restrictions. AI would follow those placement rules too.

    5. I haven't seen the error yet. If you have a java error or something you should post it. (nevermind, you have bug report)

    6. I looked at the your bug report and see you added a possible fix to the issue. "Abandoned Territories May Be Taken Over Immediately" = false. I will set it in my copy too.

  • @general_zod Thank you for your comments, and for trying the mod.

    1. Working on the game notes. Will be posting update to it soon I hope. The tutorial has been turn off in the latest update because it is in need of it own update.

    2. The original game 'Invasion USA' is not mine. Its xml and 'Invasion USA Apocalypse' have now both been added to 'UNDER SIEGE: America'. What I would like to do is place everything into one xml, Invasion USA or US: America does not matter to me.

    3. See 2 lol

    4. Doing away with restricted placement, those placements as for the player to use are not as they see fit. The American player need a little open space to deal with the onslaught. LOL

    5. Changed in the US: A xml. That property is not on the Game Options screen. And because of this error I think it is better to leave it off (and false).

    Now to add UNDER SIEGE: American has received another update. 'Apocalypse' can now be played. Select "Add fifth Player (Northern)" on the 'Game Options' screen to try your hand at 4 against 1 and the 1 is in the middle.


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    @wc_sumpton Vive le Canadians!!!!!!

  • @hepps Try it. You'll like it!! Long live the Canadians!!

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    @wc_sumpton I was Zods (not so silent) partner last night looking at the map in its current state.

    I will definitely look into the new versions you are brewing up in that cauldron of a brain of yours.

  • @hepps cauldrons and witches brews... little late (very early) for Halloween
    Just keep smoken' what your smoken' with GD. And I'll have a drink or 2 here with US: A (Canadian style.... what... what)

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    @wc_sumpton lol @wc_sumpton ya he is his own special brew 🙂

  • @Hepps, @General_Zod and all you mod makers!
    I don't know how you people do it. Really I don't. I just spent the past 3 days updating the 'Notes'. It seemed easer writing the game mechanics then is in describing how things work. Deployment restrictions, reinforcement allocations etc... etc...

    Top of the head off to you all! Scratching the gray matter empty, but at least me toes are warm!!

    New version uploaded with hopefully, friendlier helpful 'Notes'!


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    @wc_sumpton brilliant aren't they? 🙂 I have a feeling you will all do well together 🙂 CHEERS!

  • Working on a new update, to take advantage of the "New" Resource Bar. Planning on showing the AI resources and their usages, along with the Americans resources.

    Lot of hidden works and now being shown.

    I hate new updates... hate it-hate it (tongue in cheek)

    Some one needs his beer bottle


  • Another update.... another install....

    Love it!!Love it!!Love It!!

    Beer... Beer... Beer... (Leave me alone wife, none of that toNIGHT 😞


  • Love it... or hate it...
    There are 30 Victory Cities, 4(5) players. So to present that information at the end of the players turn I have 30x4(5) conditions with 30x4(5) triggers.

    With the new resource bar, I put 'resources=1:VCs' in each city. '-30' VCs in each after:CombatMove and the engine does the rest. Super Cool!!

    Wonder how much more I can cobble out. Lots of in-work to do... (wife go to bed, I'll be there later! Just don't start without me!!)


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    @wc_sumpton More like just don't finish without me.

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    @hepps you have created a map junkie! @wc_sumpton

  • @hepps (she did)


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    @wc_sumpton lol you're making me look good 🙂

    well...not that good 🙂

  • @beelee looks???

    Wife demands 'lights off' when I go to bed...


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    @wc_sumpton i played this map once and like explore it more

  • @beck Thank you... Been runnin' it through most of the day. Just dropped off a new update.

    Fast AI Invaders tends to make quick moves and can be exploited. Hammering at the Southerners pay big dividends.
    Hard AI Plays slow and easy, if you are not careful the Easterners will have crawled all the up to Boston. So you have to watch that corridor.
    The AI for Americans seem to have trouble with a three (4) front war.
    In AI vs AI the Invaders tend to win 9 out of 10.


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