Crazy Europe: House of Habsburg

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    @frostion That'd be surely an improvement but, still, "fleet" is a concept that doesn't envision an unitary or quantitative distribution, but, rather, a strategic one. Likely, game wise, a stack of sea units in the same sea zone would be a fleet (while, of course, the navy is the whole for the potentate).

    Why not just "ships"?

    Anyways, I suggested to change navy, as well, way back:
    @cernel said in Crazy Europe: House of Habsburg:

    Names changes suggestions, if it is the early XVII century, in my order of preference, left to right:
    crossbow->crossbowmen (but, really, from 1600 there should be none; they are almost extinct)
    navy->ships (or man-of-wars and barques, if you split military and transport)
    castle is a touch too medieval, and I remember you gave some good suggestions for this time in Age of Tribes

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    I won't be adding new types of ships unless I get art for them that matches the current style. I'm at the mercy of an artist to volunteer on this.

    I had the same thought about cannons and knights invading from sea, and having techs that improved capacity. I'm leaving it as is for the moment for two reasons

    1. I'm hardly ever seeing those units used amphibiously anyways
    2. Without cannons, its almost impossible to take castles by sea. You need at least 6 navies to do so, which seems like too many.

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    @crazyg I'm sure if you asked @Frostion REALLY nicely you could probably use the Battleship image from the Caribbean Trade War game with very little effort to adjust it slightly to match HOH.

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    I will see what I can do in regards to making a new and bigger ship image for a new unit type. ☺

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    Personally, I'm confortable with a single ship unit, even tho it makes sense to have the choice to focus on a transport or warring navy.
    In TripleA, I always had issues with warships and transports, as the old rulesets have fodder transports and the new have defenceless transports, and I don't like either.
    At the end, it all depends on what is gonna be here.

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    Here is a battleship type unit. I hope I have hit the mark in regards to the right player color. Otherwise, please adjust them:

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    @frostion Fitting names for (referring to) this timeline (not talking about the unit image) are, in my order of preference (but plural, if the other units are), man-of-war or galleon.
    I guess warship or battleship are good too (not really a clue, actually), with the generic meaning of ships for battle.
    Also, isn't the current "navy" representing a cutter (a very small single-masted warship, armed with cannons)?

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    @frostion To hijack the topic, I surely suggest using the new image in substitution of the Sail-Ship one currently in Age of Tribes.

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    Looks great, Ill add it ASAP.

    There will be an update tomorrow 🙂

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    @CrazyG I did my best to manually match the colors of the units you use (I don’t know if the colors have been altered compared to AoT). I think I am within 95% of a color match but I am not sure. Maybe @Hepps can at some point take all your units and re-color them so that players colors are 100% in alignment with the player color. But you have to ask him REALLY nicely 😛

    Btw, some units face left and others right. Do you have any system in regards to what way they face? In AoT all “western alliance” units face one way and the “Eastern Alliance” face the other way. But I don’t know about your map?

    Maybe you could use the unit names “Battleships” or ”Warships” and then “Transports” for the small ship?

    @Cernel I am not sure what “class” the ships are. Maybe the small one is a sloop? In AoT it is just called “Sail-Ship”. And in HoH I get the impression that it is also more about the dedicated role of the sea units. So the real class is not that important.

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    @frostion Well, we are not talking about XVI century ships for that one, but, I guess you can call it either a sloop or a cutter (and also other names, like hoy). What a sloop and a cutter are varies overtime, but, assuming that picture is Napoleonic, I think cutter would be surely a better definition, also since I see cannons in it. I was not suggesting names to use in this game, here.
    Anyways, I don't think the small ship picture is really taylored for this game, so maybe @CrazyG will prefer sticking with 1 ship type, but using the new picture for it.
    If a merchant/transport ship has to be, I'd surely take the boat image of Age of Tribes, over the Sail-Ship one for the same game, that is really representing a very small sailing warship (clearly smaller than a brig-sloop or even a gun-brig), if I'm right in seeing a line of cannons.
    By the way, galleys were still very important and the main (or even only!) warships of this era, in the Mediterranean (tho the Age of Tribes galley would be very anachronistic looking for the role of a modern galley), while the long range merchant ship (primarily for the Italians) was the great galley, whose militarized version would be the galleass or galliass.
    The zenith of galley usage in warfare came in the late 16th century with battles like that at Lepanto in 1571, one of the largest naval battles ever fought.
    For naming:
    The earliest categorisation of Royal Navy ships dates to the reign of King Henry VIII. Henry's Navy consisted of 58 ships, and in 1546 a list divided them into four groups: 'ships, galliasses, pinnaces, and cow barges.
    (still thinking England and Scotland need to be players or impassable, btw)

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    If you want to use that classification, you could go with 3 ships:

    the new image: "ship" or "man-of-war" (man-of-war is better, as it would sum ships and galleasses), for a big warship.

    the old image: "pinnace", for a small warship.

    the boat image of Age of Tribes: not sure what is a good term for the transport ship; maybe "merchantman", for a transport ship.

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    Little one is a galley, big one is a man of war. Both can fight, I really dislike the instantly killed dedicated transports of some games.

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