How to Host a Bot

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    Anyone that can host a room in the lobby is able to host a bot. If we had more hosts that donated a few bots to triplea the overhead of triplea would be decreased greatly. (Less servers would be needed)

    This is an example of a bot script which can be edited using notepad but needs to be saved as a .bat file in your triplea installation directory in windows.
    You can name the .bat file what you wish and the bot number needs to be something other than the current triplea bot numbers. Slap me if any need some help. Or Slap @RoiEX Hopefully we will get some bot host volunteers :)

    @echo off
    SET PORT=3350


    java -Xmx320m -Djava.awt.headless=true -classpath bin/triplea- games.strategy.engine.framework.headlessGameServer.HeadlessGameServer -Ptriplea.server=true -Ptriplea.port=%PORT% -Ptriplea.lobby.port=%LOBBY_PORT%"automated_host"


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    Also the set port number is the port you have opened should be noted.

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