Optional Auto Battle Selection

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    So this is regarding the somewhat recent engine changes that cause auto battle selections. Which in turn auto rolls dice for the first roll.

    Can we have this as optional per an engine preference. I rather always choose the battle from the list on the right and have an element of control over the luck involved with when the dice for those battles actually start generation.

    Having some control over when the dice begin generation of a roll matters, imo. Those rolls are not predetermined, the timing of the clicks on the buttons do matter. Unless we are using a really crappy random dice generator.

    ie. If I wait 1, 2 or 3 seconds, those rolls are likely to not be the same each time, they are not predetermined.

    So why should we be forced to take auto generated clicks for battles, which determine when the rolls are generated, which in turn determines what the outcomes of those rolls are. Thus eliminating our players luck.

    Even the battles that have no defensive rolls should not be auto selected per my proposal (ie. transports, sbr AAguns). Per engine preference.

    This also brings up another separate point. The sequence of player clicks within a battle seems illogical. eg. Player A clicks continue button, that determines Player B's actual roll. Shouldn't Player B control his own luck? And vice versa. This involves one extra click to fix. But then a player really controls their own luck. This should also be optional per engine preference as well.

    Btw, this topic has nothing to do with the existing engine preference options. Those are different. And I do understand that some like the existing method, because it's less clicks (so.. hard to click, hehe), which is why I am proposing this, as an engine preference.

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    @general_zod Yeah, I believe this was done to try to force SBRs to roll first. But it appears to have caused other battles to start rolling automatically as well. It bothers me a lot as well and feels like the engine is just doing stuff without player input.

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    This might be somehow related to https://forums.triplea-game.org/post/4567 as far as I remember.

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    @panther Yeah, I believe it is. I just haven't dug into those changes to see what adjustments need made.

  • @redrum had a couple weird things happen during this phase on 9220 that I hadn't seen before. After purchase it went straight to combat. I saved to a different game and then restarted but couldn't replicate it. Politics was the next phase so wasn't a accidental click, plus no popup " are you sure ..." popped up.

    So I started over from original save and during Air Battle I caught a quick flash of a red 6 die like you would've got a tech and then it went on with the game.

    Checked the debug on both saves but nothing showed up. Don't know that one can do much without being able to replicate it but just a heads up.

    The red might just've been an air hit now that I think about it but it seemed unusual all the same.

    Well I double checked the saves and no bmbrs got hit so idk what it was. well a red 6 : )

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    @General_Zod I think this would be better as a bug report in github with some examples and save games. As really auto starting battles is not intended as the player should be able to choose which order they are fought in.

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