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    Please post any perceived bugs here from older maps/engines here. For any map that is in development please post the perceived bug in that map makers thread. A Developer can then look in one spot and answer or close the issue with a confirmed repair for older issues. (Feel free to edit the title etc Devs)

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    @prastle @Cernel Is it time we merged "Bug Reports" category into 'Help & Questions'?

    (1) The game engine is contradictory to this category and directs users to submit bug reports directly to the bug tracker.

    (2) We've agreed it's most efficient to direct users to bug tracker first and not have a meta-task of moving reports

    (3) Help & Questions i basically the same thing, why do we need 2 categories?

    (4) There are a number of issues with how we track bugs if we have a forum category to track bugs, and a bug tracker. Sorry to be redundant, in softare development, bug tracking is specific software to track tasks. 'Forum' software is not a bug tracker. There are a few key apps for any software project, bug tracking is one.

    (5) The split of bug report and help & questions does not help. If you have questions, your first question is perhaps if you have a question or if you have a bug. Then there is the 'read this first' message to understand and then compare with the ''help & questions" category.

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    @LaFayette Help and Questions would not make any sense in the moment I surely spot a map bug and want to tell the mapmaker about it. In this case, I would rather tell the mapmaker in an open thread in Maps & Mods, or open a new one myself.

    Often with bugs you don't need help (because you can't be helped) and you are not asking questions, you just notice something that ain't right (it's rather the opposite: you are helping the mapmakers or the developers to fix stuff).

    I also disagreed regarding splitting the process between maps in development or not, as per current (and I recall @Frostion did too).

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    @LaFayette NP here as long as normal forum users can find a way to post when they do not use git.

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