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    Join the "TripleA" Team!

    TripleA is an open source project and FREE for everyone to play. The donations from our thriving community allow us all to enjoy this! Contributions can be monetary or in the form of your time and experience. We are always looking for more Moderators and Developers to help out!

    Start TODAY!
    If you are interested in joining the team then please post a message in this thread indicating how you'd like to help out and a little about yourself. Feel free to all send a PM (Private Message) or email to any ADMIN with a list of skills and ideas that you could bring to TripleA!

    The current ADMIN Team of TripleA is @Frostion , @Hepps , @LaFayette , @Panther , @prastle , @redrum , @RoiEX , @ssoloff , @wirkey

    The following are some positions that we are always recruiting for with a brief overview of each.

    Forum Moderator

    • Track and maintain the bug reports as per procedure
    • Monitor for inappropriate user behavior
    • Delete inappropriate posts/topics
    • Assist members with help and questions
    • Suggest member bans as per procedure
    • Ban Spam User Accounts

    Lobby Moderator

    • Monitor for inappropriate user behavior, language , trolling, multiple nicknames online at once and cheating
    • Banning, mutes, timeouts as per procedure (listed further below)
    • Attempt to settle/resolve arguments and disputes regarding lobby or forum or PBEM games
    • Assist members with help and questions
    • Training will be provided for the Forum/Lobby Moderator positions
    • The complete current lobby/forum rules and mods are listed here:

    Are you interested in contributing to an open source gaming engine? Do you love TripleA and have always wanted to improve it or add some new features? TripleA is easy to contribute to for anyone that has some basic Java development experience. There are endless opportunities to work on anything, including and not limited too, the UI, the AI, the lobby, new map features, etc.

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    @General_Zod Nice 🙂 ty

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    @Frostion could you or @Hepps come up with an image for this sub topic?

  • @prastle heppster "Rock" image 🙂

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    Reworked some of it and think its looking pretty good now. We could consider a few other standard positions like "Map Owner", "Beta Tester", etc.

  • @redrum not volunteering 🙂 but "Promoter" might be a cool job for those that are enthusiastic but don't want or know how to do the other positions.

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    @beelee Yeah, some form of "promoter" or "marketer" or "recruiter" might be good as well.

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    @redrum Sexcellent Job! To quote some one we know. Ty for fine tuning!

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    @beelee you are where i was a few years ago. I HAVE FAITH YOU WILL APPLY 🙂

  • @prastle heh heh I'd need set hours . A schedule. I wouldn't be very good at being "on call" 🙂
    I just wouldn't be very good at all lol 🙂

    Fortunately, I have a few years 🙂

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    @beelee sounds kinda "Dr Zeuss" like 🙂

  • Hi guys,

    I've been a long time lurker, I play fairly casually mostly offline. I'm a .NET dev by trade (4 years-ish) trying to branch out and get some experience in other languages. I wasn't sure which of the devs mentioned in the above post I should PM about my interest in contributing so I'm just making a general reply here. Any help on where to get started would be appreciated, thanks!

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    @Giglfoosm Hey. Most of the code base is in java and the main repo is located here:

    You should be able to just clone the repo and then set up your IDE:

    We are always looking for contributions and glad to answer any questions.

  • @redrum Awesome thanks!

  • In @Giglfoosm words, "I've been a long time lurker" too.
    I'm interested in maps development.
    I think about making a script to export an Inkscape file into TripleA format.

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    @agbottan At a bare minimum, the only thing you should need to do is generate a black/white borders image from the file then you can run it through the map creator included with TripleA. Then the original image can be used for the relief layer.

  • @redrum, for what I remember, the map's lines lies in a text file with polygons coordinates. I suppose that these polygons are generated by the black/white contrast borders with some sort of bitmap processing. I'm thinking about extract the territories polygons from the SVG data in some way.
    Your suggestion of using Inkscape to generate the black/white map for the current editor is nice too.
    I'll start assembling the stuff here and, when having something to show, I'll open a thread in this forum about this specific matter.

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    @agbottan Yeah, the map creator generates several files from the black/white border image. The main one is the polygons.txt which specifies the boundary points for each territory. It also generates a centers.txt and place.txt. I think you are probably better off generating the black/white border image then using the existing TripleA map creator to generate the necessary files. Otherwise you probably will end up having to recreate much of that tool. Here is the map documentation:

  • I'm interested in improving ease of use: specifically, making installing/hosting easier.


    • Prebuilt Docker container + sane docker-compose for the bot functionality... with automatic builds on CI. I started work on this, and I may as well send this upstream.
    • Better bot hosting documentation – I just ported @prastle's batch script to shell, and sharing would be good. This ties into point 1.
    • Homebrew Cask for MacOS.
      • I tried finding a better way: javapackager (Java 8 and JavaFX, removed at some point) / jpackage (afaik only included in JDK 14, but works with earlier Java versions) / appbundler (community fork of Oracle tool)? Bundling Java applications for Mac is hard, it appears.
      • Is it possible to configure Install4J to generate an App instead of an App Installer? The former is idiomatic on Mac. I contacted Install4J support, since I was curious, and I believe you can just uninstall TripleA on Mac by deleting the .app bundle, as it's self-contained. This also means the .app bundle is fully self-contained, and thus no installer is necessary. I experimentally verified this by grepping for a JRE installed by the installer app.
    • STUN/TURN/ICE? ZeroTier integration? Some other form of working around NAT? Implementing these on the client is probably beyond what I can accomplish in any reasonable amount of time. I'll call these "stretch goals".

    And an off-topic question:

    • What exactly breaks client-side hosting? Opening a TCP tunnel with ssh -R 3300:3300 -NT $proxy_server doesn't work. This is on the flavor of 1.9.x that the default installer gave me.
    • What's the state of 2.X?

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    Prebuilt Docker container + sane docker-compose for the bot functionality... with automatic builds on CI. I started work on this, and I may as well send this upstream.

    Good Point. We're using docker for some development ease-of-use but not in production AFAIK. Currently we're using ansible to configure remote machines in an automated fashion which works quite well for production but is not that easy to reproduce for local development.

    Better bot hosting documentation

    Hosting is not something we want the regular user to have to do on their own, it's a "power-user-only" feature. That's why there hasn't really been throughout documentation.

    What we really should document is all the potential command-line options. I'll come back to this later.

    STUN/TURN/ICE? ZeroTier integration? Some other form of working around NAT?

    Good thing you consider that 😏
    I have actually read a little bit into this but haven't really found a satisfying solution for us.
    I ended up with an approach that requires some manual configuration, but works for everyone that bothers to try. See for more information.
    Basically you can provide a "public IP" that clients will use to connect to instead of the originating IP.

    What exactly breaks client-side hosting?

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean. There are basically "2 ways" to host. If you're trying to register your server at the lobby, the lobby will check if it actually can establish a connection and the client will shut down if it can't open a TCP connection. However if you don't try to connect with a lobby in the first place and try to host "locally" you should be able to ssh-forward as much as you want.

    What's the state of 2.X?

    Hard to describe. Basically we're in a state where we'd like to create a new real release, but there are a few "common bugs" on some machines (like StackOverflowErrors) that we need to get fixed before commiting to it.

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