WWII v3 1941 Mod

  • I like this map but also there are somethings in the map that I dislike so much.

    1. Unstopable Japan: It is really ridiculous. Actually I don't care historical accuracy but I am really tired of to see always huge Japan and very small Germany. So Jap is now weaker and Soviet-Japan border is closed.

    2. Strategic options: I think the US should be forced to split their troops. If we close Soviet-Japan border, the US should be more vulnerable in the Pacific front.

    3. Caucasian and Karelian factories: I dislike them so much. One factory is enough for Russia. Having Caucasus factory makes Russia more vulnerable to bombing.

    4. the UK: This country really has very few strategic options. Just rushing France was enough. I believed that the African campaign should be as important as other fronts. In now Italy can become stronger than the UK.

    And other changes


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    I always wanted to see a factory in australia or india on start, to counter the jap advantage. It would be cool if the british player (via user action) had the option to chose in which of 2 locations, the factory will be built before the game actually starts.

    If you don't wanna use user action you can do it via "purchase" trigger as well but the placement would be player enforced with this method.

    Also getting rid of the national objectives would allow players more flexibility.

  • Jap would be unable to press the USSR if the UK starts with extra factory. But the UK can build a factory in these areas if she wish.

    Without national objectives, hard to achieve to counterbalance. I have played this map several times. It has decent balance right now. ( Probably Allies have slighly advantage, I am thinking to increase the power of Italy.)

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    Well if your interested in testing out the balance with my suggestions let me know. It will surely require more tweaks. As current balance goes it is terrible imo, thus why allies need 13 to 15 bid.

    And even with bid strategies are limited due to NO's.

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