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    This thread is for discussions concerning the Star Trek: Dilithium War map.

    Map setting and Story
    Stardate 48630.2: The Dominion Cold War is destabilizing the Alpha Quadrant. Peace hangs by a thread. Only diplomacy and clever politics is preventing an all-out war between the major galactic powers. Political alliances frequently form, but they seem to be short-lived and dependent on political and situational needs.
    A new and potentially explosive situation is starting to form just a few light years from the well known Deep Space 9 space station. Scans of a nearly uninhabited region of space have shown a high concentration of the valuable dilithium crystal. There is enough dilithium to support thousands of starships and power-cores. This treasure could change the balance of power and predetermine the outcome of a galactic war. Many governments have dispatched forces to the region, but it seems that they are not alone...

    (Geek alert: šŸ¤“ This map is supposed to take place 2/3 into the time of Deep Space Nine season 3. The Wormhole is discovered, the Dominion is beginning to be in very bad standing with the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant and the combined Cardassian/Romulan sneak attack on the Dominion has not yet happened.)

    ā€¢ A hex style layout.
    ā€¢ 3 vs. 3 game play. The Borg can be added as a third party.
    ā€¢ Randomly placed resource rich planets, so every playthrough is different.
    ā€¢ Several types of space objects that give tactical or strategically advantages.
    ā€¢ Several resource types: Command, Engineering, Science, Assimilation and Dilithium.
    ā€¢ A lot of unit types.
    ā€¢ A technology development system.
    ā€¢ An ingame player rank system.
    ā€¢ An ingame player communication sytem (Players can call in reinforcements, seek promotion or ask for political aid during the game).
    ā€¢ Nation specific sounds.

    Old BETA map development thread:

    Can this map be improved?
    It would be nice if players would give a bit of feedback based on their play experiences. Large scale alterations of the map, like changing territory layout, graphics or the map skin is not likely to happen, but anything concerning small stuff, like unit stats and rules, is up for discussion šŸ™‚

    Future plans / updates
    ā€¢ The term "PUs" is used for the blue tech development resource that should be called "Science". I would very much like to change this in the future, but it is not technically possible as of now (May 12. 2018).

  • I really like this map/mod. I think it's cleaver the way you have integrated technology upgrades. Not that I have anything specifically in mind, but I was wondering if you have thought about expanding on this mod with more maps or any different versions? Good job.

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    @LoganSimonsen I am glad you like the Star Trek map ā˜ŗ I think it is a fun map with some unique features. But I don't have any plans on expanding it or making new Star Trek maps. At the most I will fix any identified map bugs, imbalances or game engine related problems.

    I am working on a new un-announced map at the moment. This map will make use of some of the same features as the Star Trek map, like randomly placed resources, upgradable units, high quality sound and music and actually also hexagonal sea territories. But besides that, the new map will be totally different and with a totally different theme šŸ˜Š So stay tuned.

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    @frostion I haven't played yet but looks cool. Will try to get a game goin though. Nice job. I do have some preliminary feedback however.

    1. Typo: In opening notification, the mission objective should reading "6 starting locations" not "6 staring locations ".

    2. Rank images are identical, was this intended? Nevermind, I see now, looks like these are similar to stars and accumulate as rank increases.

    3. Set AI via xml to preselect a non human AI. If left human it asks to select unowned territories and can't advance.

    4. I don't recall, exactly but there may have been a new feature added to not show everything in the help page. Or I might be confusing it with tooltip only. Anyways this would allow you to not list planets for each nation, for streamlining the help page.
      Actually looks like this feature doesn't allow fine tuning yet, it is for all or none areas only.

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    @frostion The in game communication center is neat idea. Can I order pizza with it too šŸ˜‰ .

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    @General_Zod Thx for the feedback. I will look at those issues and update the xml when I got the time. They are now on the to-do list šŸ™‚ The different races have their own unique rank pins/pips/insignia, so this is not an error. Please keep an eye out for other unidentified issues that might be handled at the same time also.

    I will see if I can implement an option where the commander's communication center can order pizza. That is a great idea! I think all the races would like the human dish pizza as it is highly customizable. I can imagine a klingon pizza with blood-sauce and targ meat balls. Maybe I can implement a link to dominos in a notification window or something šŸ˜

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    @frostion 20 light years or its free! (And yes I am aware that light years are a measure of distance not time) šŸ˜ƒ

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    Feels like it should be a Ferengi pizza shop!

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    @hepps @Frostion @General_Zod Even the red head laughed šŸ™‚

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    Feeling the pressure a neighboring Galaxy competes for a share of the market-place based on the trend to Italian based cuisine.

    0_1537720579135_Ackbar pizzaria.png

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    @hepps gigglez

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    @general_zod said

    1. Set AI via xml to preselect a non human AI. If left human it asks to select unowned territories and can't advance.

    <!-- player list in turn order -->
    <player name="Federation" optional="true" canBeDisabled="false"/>
    <player name="Vulcans" optional="true" canBeDisabled="false"/>
    <player name="Klingons" optional="true" canBeDisabled="false"/>
    <player name="Dominion" optional="true" canBeDisabled="false"/>
    <player name="Romulans" optional="true" canBeDisabled="false"/>
    <player name="Cardassians" optional="true" canBeDisabled="false"/>
    <player name="Borg" optional="true" canBeDisabled="true"/>
    <player name="AI" optional="true" canBeDisabled="false" defaultType="AI" isHidden="true"/>
    <!-- alliance -->

    @General_Zod Is the above settings for player "AI" how they should be in regards to the issue you mentioned?

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    @frostion Yep, That looks like it's correct.

  • I just downloaded a new update today, anything major or just small fixes?

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    @LoganSimonsen It is two months since any update. And it has only been very small changes, not anything you would notice ā˜ŗ

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    @Frostion Just the new pizza delivery feature! šŸ˜ƒ

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