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    NodeBB changed the way file uploads are being handled, and uses a file-extension whitelist in the next version.
    Before Upgrading we need to make sure we are allow uploading the needed file types in the future...
    File Extensions Needed:

    • .png
    • .jpg/.jpeg
    • .bmp
    • .tsvg
    • .zip
    • .svg
    • .gif
    • .pdf
    • .txt
    • .properties
    • .xml
    • .mp3
    • .wav

    If you see anything missing here, please reply to this Thread ASAP.

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    @RoiEX I think GIF should be there. It is kind of lame but, sadly, no good action images have affirmed themselves, so far. On this regard, I would add a better action image, if possible, but the various formats (like APNG or MNG or a few others) are all quite unpopular, unless I'm missing something happening very recently; so, up to you if you want to consider any one of them.
    Not sure if it would be worthwhile to support anything vectorial, meaning SVG, as it has no direct use in TripleA, but it is always cool to have like a SVG baseImage that you can then scale as you wish, before rasterising; tho this would be a way to support animation, as well.
    Also, what is your opinion on the matter of JPG vs JPEG, if it is relevant here? I'd go with JPG, but, for example, the smallMap has to be JPEG, not working as JPG. This last one is a very marginal detail.
    Finally, I would take PDF into consideration; it is the standard if you want to upload the image of some map, then to go somewhere printing it out (sometimes people ask for being able to print out some maps).

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    @Cernel Adding those to the list...

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    Ah, and, of course, TXT, PROPERTIES and XML; not sure if those are automatically included.

    Also, as per what you can do in the current Developer forum, of course you should be able to upload sounds and listen to them, directly (which you can currently do in the Sourceforge Forum), meaning WAV and MP3 (WAV are not supported anymore in the engine, but it is for the lossless source, as well as and previous compatibility).

    Another reason, I forgot to mention, why GIF is a must is that custom cursors are GIF only (afaik), in case anyone wants to share a custom cursor on the forum. Sadly, no developers have added PNG support for custom cursors; so, I think that is the only remaining item bogged down to GIF only support (thus only visibly pixilated cursors are possible, meh). Other things in the engine accept GIF, but I don't see much point, there, since you can rather use PNG.

    Going back to the APNG or MNG diatribe, actually, APNG is an extension of PNG; so I guess that supporting PNG will allow to upload APNG, as well (not 100% sure). Instead, MNG is its own format. I've no clue what is prevalent, but, as a GIMP user and as per 2.8, MNG is natively supported, while APNG requires the addition of a custom plug-in, to be separately downloaded.
    Basically, MNG is better, and more like it, but it is problematic to support, or anyways got close to zero support from browsers, after the first release, thus APNG was developed, that should be more easily supportable, as long as you already support PNG, but I believe both have scarce support, at the end, afaik (this is why the crappy GIF is still so popular for animated images on the web).

    Side note, another way to have advanced animation would be ANI (that is related to WAV), that is normally used only for Windows animated cursors, afaik, tho (not suggesting to support this).

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    Nothing is automatically included, for safety reasons...
    We don't want this forum to host malicious exe files etc.

    Added those in...

    btw. all that matter is the file extension... APGN has the same file extension as PNG and therefore it's treated the same...

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    @RoiEX could you have a look at the allowable file extensions on old war club when ya have a minute and update those as well?

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    @prastle I'm not even sure if there is a thing like a whitelist, probably not...

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    I upgraded the nodebb software to the latest version... the whitelist is now active...

  • Haven't been able to upload a gamesave for the past couple days. Gives a error when I try to upload .tsvg

    Is there a new method for sharing those? Or need special privileges?

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    @Black_Elk It renames them to bin correct?
    This is a nodebb problem that is fixed and will be deployed in the next mayor release...
    PBF Works, because it sends the upload request in a special way...
    Edit: I added "bin" to the allowed extensions... This should enable all of us to upload savegames, but they will still be renamed to savegamename.bin

  • @RoiEX Yeah, looks like I'm back in business now. Thanks!

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    @Black_Elk I was never a PBF user but you can confirm its working fine now?

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    Maybe add "WebP" too? I see that GIMP will support WebP in the next stable. WebP doesn't work in game's Notes (of course). Off topic, it seems that the game's Notes are very limited, for images; I see only the very popular kinds are supported, there.

  • I’d recommend adding .xcf (GIMP document) and .psd (Photoshop document) to the list. On the Maps and Mods part of the old forum, there was a bit of sharing of original images in formats like these for units and the like. I’m not aware of the formats for other image editors, but I’m sure others can add those here as the need arises. This way, the multi-layered image documents can be shared.

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    @theredbaron I don't think that would be a thing for a forum. For example, the GIMP image used for making World At War is 171 MB, and I'm sure most of such images would be over 100 MB, some much over it.
    Duno if you want to start uploading in forum discussions images that are mainly somewhere in between of 100 MB and 500 MB. I guess the one of Global Dominance is over 1 GB. If most of those images would be too big to be uploaded, anyway; I suppose no point allowing them.
    I'm just thinking those formats are more for other hardcore development things (like uploading them in the GitHub issues of the referring maps, which is not currently possible, for very big files), rather than for forum discussions.
    A dedicated repository where to upload those things may be cool, as very big file currently fails to upload even in GitHub, unless something changed recently.

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    I agree with @Cernel
    If you want to share your Photoshop/GIMP documents you should probably use a cloud in order to do that...

    @Cernel Added webp to the list...

    I updated the NodeBB forum software to use the latest version. This means, that file uploads are now really dependent on their File Extension -> We should no longer have problems with uncommon file formats, we can just add them to the list

  • That's quite reasonable. Since cloud services are accessible and easy, I agree that we don't need to host these files :thumbsup:

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