Map Zoom past 100%

  • The map zoom is limited to 10% to 100%. Why limit the upper bound to 100%? On some maps, such as Ultimate World, things can become congested, especially if you want the units displayed at 100%. I would think that the code would work without additional changes. Values up to 200% should be allowed.

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    @rogercooper Actually, this has been already implemented. You can test it with the prerelease, that has also a much better and much faster zoom.

    Personally I don't like this feature so much, and would prefer the zoom being limited at 100%, as the quality degrades significantly when you zoom in. If possibly going above 100%, I would reserve this as an engine preference, with the default at 100% max (and probably 25% minimum).

    In general, I always suggest again and again all mapmakers to be generous with territory and unit dimensions when making a map, as zooming out is a much better deal then zooming in, especially now that the zoom has been greatly improved, as well, but I know that there is a big limit in the fact that TripleA doesn't support units bigger than 48x48 pixels very well. Still, I also suggest having 64x64 units at 100% default unit zoom.

  • @cernel I agree that this problem could be avoided by better map-making. I was playing an Ultimate World scenario where Europe became illegible because of too many units in too small a space.

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    What would be the point of setting units to over 100% when the locations of placements do not change and the placement spots are probably placed according to the mapmakers' chosen unit size?

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    @frostion What I understand he said is that he wants the map zoom to go over 100% (which it already does, in the prerelease), while he would have the unit size at 100% (already supported, actually up to 125%).

    But, yeah, while I think this is not really in topic, for example in World At War if you put the unit size at 100%, units will overlap each other a lot, so I can't see the use of that. That feature has really a much limited value in the moment that you have fixed placement entries, also on the account that such entries set the position of the upper-left corner of the unit picture, thus also moving the unit a bit out of the intended position. Ideally maps should have a different set of placement coordinates per every possible unit zoom setting, but this would be another feature request.

  • @cernel Note that Ultimate World uses a size of 50% for units, which is too small for good legibility. 75% for units and 125% for that map would probably be good.