Have Units With Different AA Values Against SBR's

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    Pretty sure this isn't possible but I'll throw it out there anyway. Using a Bunker unit that can be SBR'd. I want it to shoot at 1 in 10, as opposed to 1 in 6, which is what the Infrastructure Units, Factories etc..., do. The only way i can figure it is to give the Bunker a "typeAA".

    That works but the Infrastructure will still fire it's AA as well. So 10 Bmbrs attack a Bunker, it gets shot at 10 times at 1 in 6 by the Infra and any remaining Bmbrs then get shot at at 1 in 10 by the Bunker.

    If I don't add the "typeAA" only the Infra, I assume, fires at a 1 in 6.

    If there is no Infrastructure present, the Bunker will fire at 1 in 10, regardless if I have "typeAA" or not.

    Anyone know if this is possible ?


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    @beelee Yes you have to give the bunker "typeAA" but remember you can give it a unique string to change the behavior.

    typeAA	 values: any string which identifies this type-group of aa guns. Only 1 aa gun per group may fire (unless you've set maxAAattacks). (defaults to "AA")
    Warning: all units with the same typeAA must have the same dice sides, or else you will experience weird results.

    And of course it needs other properties to assign the 1/10 and defensive side only. Then there are properties which determine how many will fire etc.. All listed in POS2

    I'm not 100% clear on your request, but if you give the bunker and infrastructure units the same "typeAA" string then only one unit will fire rather one of each unit.

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    @general_zod Thanks for the reply. Here is the factory ( infrastrure ) and the Bunker xml :

    0_1534836052271_Screenshot from 2018-08-21 01-52-18.png

    Here is the result when no Infrastructure present.

    0_1534836092366_Screenshot from 2018-08-21 02-05-01.png

    Here is with typeAA or aaType and Infrastructure present

    0_1534836152328_Screenshot from 2018-08-21 02-07-36.png

    0_1534836210093_Screenshot from 2018-08-21 02-13-48.png

    So I want the Bunker to Fire AA at SBR attack with a 1 in 10 chance of a hit without the 1 in 6 happening too. It won't do it when Infrastructure ( Factories, Airfield etc ... ) is present.

    0_1534836819540_Screenshot from 2018-08-21 02-13-48.png
    with the "typeAA" added

    0_1534836848835_Screenshot from 2018-08-21 02-29-23.png

  • @beelee Why do you want the weaker AA gun to fire? Does building a bunker somehow reduce the AA strength of a territory?

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    @alkexr bunkers cost 5 bucks infra 12 in my mod. So don't want them overpowered where they won't be bombed.

    Trying to have bunkers ( fortifications etc ... ) bombed before the main attack goes in, which is what happens, just the dual AA fire is undesired.

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    @beelee Couple things here.

    The way you have this set up the the Bunker would technically have 2 different sets of hitpoints. It would have 2 hitpoints vs. direct attack and 5 hitpoints vs. bombing damage. Meaning the Bunker could have both types of damage at the same time. Not sure if that was your intention but it could make for some confusing situations.

    In your first example you have no "typeAA" in the xml. So the result would be...

    So if you have a Bunker and a Factory in the same territory, the 2 different types of AA will fire at10 @ 1/6. The engine will ignore the Bunkers 1/10 because there is no "typeAA" specified. Furthermore, since I assume you are using the system where there is only 1 AA per territory firing once for every attacking unit... it means I don't think it would yield any different results since AA do not stack.

    So if we used your previous example... then say you sent 10 Bombers in against a territory that had both a Bunker and a Factory. Then you still just have 10 rolls at 1/6.

    In the second example where you specified the "typeAA" then the Factory should roll 10 rolls @ 1/6 and the Bunker should roll 10 rolls @ 1/10. This is simply how these operate when you are using this rule set.

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    @hepps Hi heppstser yea it is a little weird with damage and 2 hit point but is ok when one becomes aware of it imo. Main thing is I don't want the 1 in 6 infrastructure units shooting at the Bombers too. Just the Bunker at 1 in 10.

    Thanks for the reply : )

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    @beelee Currently the "isAAforBombingThisUnitOnly" only works on a territory.

    isAAforBombingThisUnitOnly values: allows this unit to be an AA gun only when this unit is directly attacked by a strategic bombing raid (currently defends against all strategic bombing attacks in this territory, not just against this unit). it will not defend against a normal attack.

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    @hepps yea thinking what i want to do isn't possible right now.

    Good morning Hepps 🙂

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    @beelee Morning.

    Yes what you are trying to do is not currently possible.

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    @beelee You could make it work if you changed how you wanted it to work. But it would be slightly different than your existing design.

    I am not really a fan of this system as it makes little sense. But I'd be willing to offer up some ideas if you want them.

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    @beelee So to have the weaker aaType fire only, you probably have to use conditions and triggers. Otherwise it will use the strongest aa in a given aaType set if being sbr'd. Also keep in mind as @Hepps points out. There is another behavior in play regarding non-sbr aa.

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