Territory effect map mode

  • Some maps with complex territory effects could benefit from a way to visualize them. Something like a map mode, which can be turned on / off (e.g. like edit mode). Whenever the player selects any number of units (with this thingy turned on), green / red numbers would appear on every territory based on the total attack / defense power the selected units would get on that particular territory.

    Just an idea that popped into my head, I'll leave this here for brainstorming.

  • Admin

    @alkexr Yeah, until LME, we really only had TWW and DW as high quality maps that used territory effects so support for them is pretty minimal. I do agree that having more ways to visualize territory effects bonuses would be nice. Also probably having a territory effect table generated like the unit charts would be helpful as well (otherwise maps pretty much have to build that out in the notes).

  • Moderators

    Great conceptual idea!

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