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    Is there a list somewhere of oft-overlooked features? ie useful things that are already in the engine, but that a fair number of people don't know about because they aren't obvious or they never thought to try.

    As an example, I occasionally play offline maps vs the ai; and it'd be a bit of a nuisance to set all the ai's to the right setting for each nation. I only just now found out that there's more ways to do it than just the "Set all to" selector. That I can set one nation to the desired ai setting, then click on the alliance button to its right, and it sets all members of that alliance to that ai. It's probably been that way for years, but I never knew about it, and it wasn't obvious that it existed.

    looking around, I see there's a nice subsection of help -> movement/selection help, which has a number of tidbits. While I knew most of them there, there's a few I didn't, like using alt-click for selecting in clumps of 10. In the past I've met people who didn't know about the existence of 'n' to cycle through unmoved units, and it took quite awhile before I heard about it myself.
    I wonder how many people would benefit from a quick look at such a tidbit source, people could try looking at that movement/selection help and see if there's anything there they didn't know about that they find helpful and chime in if they do; maybe there'sa ebtter way to publicize little helpful details/commands, or the collections thereof, so people become aware of them more reliably.

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    @zlefin Roi and I had one a while ago for the new GUI.
    @RoiEX do you still have that list we started?

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    @zlefin Would be nice to include a popup window that would be opened via a choice in the help Tab in the menu.

    Showing a list of the available Hot Keys... cntrl functions etc.etc.

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    @prastle I don't think I still have the list

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    @zlefin I actually would remove the alt+click for selecting 10 of a same unit per click. I wonder how many use it and I think that having any set number is not consistent with the fact that stacks can vary with no limits between games; so you cannot say the right number is 5, 10, 20, 100 or whatever.

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    @zlefin I think veqryn did one at A&A.org years ago. Was some cool stuff i didn't know about, such as cleaning up your moves in pbf ( move undo etc... )

    I looked a couple years ago but couldn't find it. Their search thing is all screwed up

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    Here is an example of what I was proposing...

    0_1538564088022_Hot key menu.png

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