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    @Alexei-Svitkine Some good examples here. Quick thoughts:

    • The AI struggles with 3 move planes and maps without carriers and need ssome additional checks around those.
    • The AI doesn't quite understand the neutral relationships between the Central Powers and Communists.
    • The AI only has limited support for 0 move units (trenches).
    • Guessing the unloaded units was some sort of movement bug

  • I noticed some very buggy AI behavior. On WAW, Hard AI playing the Japanese factions was sending a bomber to attack a well defended ANZAC territory. The bomber just died as expected. And WAW uses low luck, so it was a guaranteed suicide. This happened twice with a bomber over different turns another time with 2 fighters.

    (Getting a forum error adding a screenshot. Can try later.)

    This is with latest prerelease. Save:

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    I also get error when trying to add screenshot. Tried to do it like 15 hours ago. What's up with that? 🤔

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