Iron War 0.2.7 Black_Elk (Axis) vs redrum (Allies)

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    @Black_Elk I loaded it up for a few minutes earlier and don't really have any clue either 🙂

    I figure the first game will be a noob fest and we'll either figure it out or Frostion will guide us towards the light. Feel free to post the first turn otherwise I can do it tomorrow as about to call it a night.

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    Ohhh, I will have to follow this game closely also ☺ Im glad you chose Dragon War as I personally feel that map has a lot of flavour, and is probably my favourite map. The universe is conjured up out of my imagination and it is heavily inspired by good old standardized fantasy 😄 Remember to read the short notes.

    I must admit that the notes are lacking and it is also a map I made much earlier than Iron War, so if/when you feel that something is missing in the notes or you feel that something is confusing, please take a note of it. I will happily improve the map notes.

  • Haha right on! I got all keyed and fell asleep watching the talking lamp, so maybe tomorrow is best. That way we can give Frostion a proper run here. I'll cue up the Conan soundtrack, Battle of the Mounds style and try not to die too quickly 🙂

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