Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 14) -- St. Nazaire Raiders !!

  • frank-the-tank (Allies) wins versus Jesse-Boulard (Axis+8). Strong opening by UK in Pacific created an opening for USA. USA managed to sink 3 transports on round 1 which put Allies in the lead. Russia was also in strong position vs. Germany. Meanwhile, Axis put forward a wicked strategy to take over UK which came very close from happening. However, UK managed its own wicked counter, and Axis surrendered on round 5. Thanks for the game Jesse.

  • Barca (Allies) wins versus Jeff (Axis+8). Axis purchases focused on tanks and air power. Allies strategy adapted by buying infantry and trying to control large sections of Europe with delaying action in the pacific. Axis surrendered at the end of round 7. Thanks for playing Jeff.07_4J_Jeff_Barca.tsvg

  • Bayder (Allies) crushes Handsome (Axis +8). After a rather unlucky R1, wich should have given Germany a good starting position. I, the Handsome one, obviusly not the cunning one:), decided to try a new cunning opening, which Bayder countered with ease. Allied aggressive play on all fronts, which halted the Japanese buildup in Asia and denied Germany Access to Africa very early, put Germany under pressure very fast.

    In addition Germany makes a fatal miscalculation/decission in G4 and let a combined UK/Russia take EE and hold it, while at the same time US threatens from the South.

    I drag the game out until round 8 where Axis surrender. I thank Bayder for the game, and the lession. He was a great and fun opponent to play against. I wish him the best in the rest of the tournament.


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    Handsome neglected to mention the fact that my Allies had some amazing early luck in air attacks in the Atlantic and Med. This really set Germany back, despite Handsome's best efforts.

    I also wanted to let people know that Handsome is the most cordial and entertaining opponent you will ever find!!! Along with each game file, he sends an amusing historical narrative, which had me laughing and sometimes Googling his references for perspective. So fun! Thank you Handsome, and best of luck!

  • Pannpall ( Axis +8) wins against e-boy ( allies). Axis went for Africa, Allies, however, build a strong navy early one which allowed them free movement around Europe and early landings on Africa killing all German troops. Japan arrived just one time to help axis keep control over Africa thus securing a small economic advantage for axis. Gradually this enabled German and Japan to build enough infantry to start putting pressure on Moscow. Allies brought UK and US reinforcementstriplea_Rus15 (1).tsvg and the battle could have kept forever. Allied was kind enough to offer surrender

  • Comorv defeats Hammond

    Great game Hammond! It's always a pleasure playing against you my friend, I got lucky this time!

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    bayder (Allies) defeats AdamF (Axis +9) in J1 in a game played online after he quit mid-battle. Not much to report, game file attached for your own perusal.ToC14_bay-allies-adam-axis_r01_5USA.tsvg

  • Confirmed. Good luck rest of the way B!

  • @Comorv Thanks! ….Good player and good sport!

  • QuarterMaster (Axis+8) defeats Mogwai with a surrender on US turn Round 6. Germany was put on the defensive quickly with Russia coming out of the gate swinging and quickly setting up a stack in Eastern Europe with the help of Britain while the US was pumping out GIs through Africa. The RAF was sacrificed to wipe out a Japanese AC with planes that ran cover for the German Med fleet(1BB,2tranny) which escaped to the Indian Ocean and managed with Japan's help to maintain some presence in South Africa/Madagascar. Germany was reduced to manage Fortress Europa preventing landings in France and Italy while making sure a British/Russian combo attack couldn't win out Berlin. Somehow Japan was able to both put pressure fast enough on Moscow as well as block the US in Persia conclusively and an ill-fated attack on Berlin from the Brits put the Russians in a position to lose Eastern Europe and Mogwai bowed out. Thank you Mogwai for a fun, fast-paced and intense game which I didn't think I was going to win.ToC14_QuarterMaster_Mogwai_r6_us.tsvg

  • Gonz (Axis+9) wins versus Tulkas (Allies). The bid went to UKR, WR and LIB. Allies control Africa by round 3. In round 4 Germans leaves opportunity for US to carry out a very successful attack on SEU – But Axis respond with golden dice in the Japanese air strike against US fleet in round 5. The good Axis dice in that battle probably leveled the weak Germany play. Germany was able to ride off several Allied landings the following rounds. Both Japan and Russia were building troops. Japan a little faster as the game was without Pacific action. Over several rounds we had a lot of Allied troops in Persia and about the same Axis numbers in India. After the game Tulkas suggested that an earlier Russian offensive towards Berlin would have turned the game in favor of the Allied - which might be the case. The game ended with 9 victory cities for Axis after US 15. Many details in a great game – I will post file so you can look if you like.

    Thanks to Tulkas for a pleasant, funny and fast played game. Best Gonz.


  • LouisXIVXIV (Axis +9) defeats Nardwagg. Played live. Game File. Fun, fast, and smooth process as Nardwagg is easy going and friendly. The game I had the luck, that's for sure. I also made a handful of mistakes that allies seized on only to get unlucky and have the end result favor me overall. Axis income and TUV ultimately spelled doom for Allies.

    Somehow the two hits on Western Europe didn't seem to help the allies even though the stacking was light and he took out 3 german planes in ipc victories. Axis were already too strong, so maybe a "go long" strategy? The decisive move came when japan attacked cauc navally through Egypt, advancing a surprising amount of force very quickly. This led to a naval victory that pretty much sealed it.

    See you in the final Nardwagg! GG.

  • Cheers LouisXIVXIV, great fun game!

  • Nardawgg (Allies) defeats Jeffschultz32 (Axis +8). Very wild game with great dice for the allies. Jeff played a very aggressive germany building heavy tanks and making Russia nervous . America got good gains in the Pacific to help ease any extra pressure Japan could put on Russia. After lasting through the initial blitz of tanks, with the help of good rolls, Allies comfortably counter attacked and took the game.

    GG Jeff

    ToC Jeff.tsvg

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    Eboy82 (Allies) defeats nardwagg (Axis+9). Wild dice enabled US to take out japans main fleet round 1. Attack enabled by a skipped Pearl Harbor forced by UK taking islands. Allies with IPC kept Japan away from mainland until round 8 - Germany was quick to secure Caucasus, and keep pressure on Russia. By R11 the pressure was getting lesser, and Japan needed help so Caucasus was abandoned in a rescue operation. At this point, US was going pacific. Meanwhile in Europe....UK/US launched a double attack on Berlin, ending the war early.

    Thanks for the game - well played despite the terrible bad luck you faced in round 1.


  • Sorry I missed June 5 dead line. Any takers play Global 1940 or Europe 1940. ?

    What is Total War 1941.


  • Great game Eboy, had a lot of fun... Well at least playing Germany was a lot of fun haha. Good luck in the rest of the tournament.

  • Ingcameroni (Allies) defeats TangoRomeo (Axis +8) in a game played online. Allies was very lucky whit dice for all the game. Germany mybe to much aggressive agaist Russia.. and Allies taked Paris and then Italy!! Axis surrended at 7 round. Tanks to TangoRomeo very friendly and good player. Good luck in the rest of the tournament!

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    Deltium (Allies) defeats Ubernaut (Axis +8) after 14 solid rounds.

    First, I'd like to compliment Ubernaut for a very friendly game, and very professional interaction.
    The Axis started the game with quick pressure on the Allies, and they quickly stacked Ukraine and Persia, with strong pressure on Russia quite early, will multiple ICs on the mainland producing tanks rushing to Moscow. Axis also invested in some bombers, which struck the Allies hard early-on with great success, prompting the Axis to send all of the their AA personnel back to basic training in total disarray. However, the Allies managed to recapture Africa swiftly and secure the Med, which allowed the Allies to sacrifice some Allied ground units to the Japanese, to reduce some pressure on Russia, as a temporary measure, in order to allow the economic engine of the Allies to hopefully contain the Axis thereafter. Axis pressure continued to intensify, as Germany managed to capture Caucasus, but a key inflection point occurred in the counter-attack, when the Allies were only hoping for a simple strafe, but it resulted in a top 25% outcome, and a large IPC exchange for the Allies. Coupled with the US Med fleet entering the South Indian Ocean and a new naval front in the Pacific for Japan, it became incredibly challenging for the Axis to advance further. Axis resigned after UK 14 (attached).

    Again, Ubernaut is a very friendly and good player, and thanks for the game. Cheers.


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    @Deltium a great match for sure! very challenging! 🙂

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