Screen centering/cycling around map UI idea

  • It would be really helpful if there was a way to cycle around the map centering on all territories/sz that are occupied by your units. For example maybe hitting a Right/Left arrow key on the keyboard would then cycle between a players units in various territories, re-centering the map each time?

    Something like this already exists in most maps to the center the screen on the capital when a new player-nation comes up in the turn order, so this is just kind of carrying that same idea to the next level.

    The basic idea is to provide the player with a simple way to double check whether they have moved/used all their units during a given turn and to prevent players from forgetting stuff especially during the combat/non-combat phases. Frequently it happens that a player might overlook units in far flung regions of a map (the southern hemisphere usually) or if they have positioned units in places where they might not normally be.

    Anyhow, just an idea. Not sure how challenging it would be to implement but I think it would prove pretty useful if it existed.

    I guess the analogy would be to other strategy games where the user is given a way to cycle between settlements or armies/fleets on a simple click rotation. I think it would be particularly helpful on larger maps where you often have to do a lot of scrolling, or where it is difficult to assess everything at a glance.

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    I hacked in a feature called "unit chooser" that cycled through available units. A problem encountered was a bug in the game where the hotkey focus was lost and you'd have to click on the map to re-activate it.

    I'll be MIA for about 6 weeks, when I get back there are one or two projects to work on, I hope I can dig that work out, polish it off and perhaps get it added. Next release is going to be 2.0, with luck this will then be in 2.1, the following release.

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    I really still hope for the long awaited buttons that that could make you cycle through "previous", "skip" and "next" unmoved unit to show up in the right side of the screen. ☺ Maybe below the mini-map, in the top of the action tab or in the bottom right of the screen.🤔

    That would be a great and user friendly feature to implement.

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