Screen centering/cycling around map UI idea

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    @Frostion I'm so on the fence about a wake-all! 🤔

    It could be useful for misclicks. Perhaps waking a unit if it is clicked instead of only if it is moved? I don't know if that would actually be more intuitive or not. Seems play testing would be needed to know for sure. I've done some myself and so far have been pretty happy with which units sleep. I suspect is the key is to not sleeping units that you want to move eventually, but really the units that you want to stay put until you pay attention to them.

    I like the idea of a bell icon if we go with having a wake-all.

    I hope and wonder if it works so well that old/new players would chose to always run through all their units one by one this way, as it is convenient and easy.

    There is a bug to fix where the map loses key focus on multiplayer games:

    I think we'll need to get that fixed or otherwise the hotkeys are going to seem worthless and clicking buttons is not fun. Otherwise, my limited play testing, I've been successfully reminded to move a US bomber to bomb Germany that I had otherwise totally forgotten and the "you've moved everything" confirmation has really helped boost confidence I can actually end the game phase.

    Does the screen center on a unit/territory automatically when pressing next?

    Yes. I added in a behavior tweak so if you center on a territory, move all the units out of it, and 'center' again that it'll go to the next set of units.

    Maybe there should be an option where players can select if the system controls next/prev/center/sleep of individual units or intire territories?

    Was a consideration, I suspect the individual units will be unworkable and is not as needed as simply looking at the territory and knowing units are there to move. The unit avatar lets a player know which and how many movable units are in the territory. I can imagine a scenario where you have a 50 unit stack of infantry that you would not want to cycle through. FWIW, if you use ctrl+click move to say move all the infantry, re-center will go back to the same territory and can then move the other units. I think perhaps the use-case is covered by simply 'centering' and moving and repeating until the territory is empty or skipped/sleeped.

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    @Cernel Civ has the concept of sentry and fortify, which would be similar terms to sleep and somewhat analogous but we should not borrow those terms. Fortify conveyed a defensive bonus and was represented a castle, which is not applicable to us. The civ sentry woke the unit when there was an adjacent attacker, hence we should not borrow 'sentry' or anything resembling 'watching guard as the units do not wake up on their own.

    The term being used is 'sleep', swapping out for an icon that does not represent that would be really inconsistent. If there is a better term to be used, then perhaps we can find a better icon. Otherwise how to best represent 'sleep' as an icon is the question. Since it's an icon, it needs to be relatively simple and pretty universally identifiable. At the same time it does not need an exact 1:1 match to what we are representing as it is a matter of learning once what the button does and then from on it's fine as long as it keeps that meaning and stays consistent.

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    @LaFayette Of course, I also meant changing the term from "sleep" to "stand" (thus the dude in the stand-at-ease military position). Just my idea, of course.

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    @Cernel Irrelevant curiosity, that military position is, instead, called "riposo", in Italian, that actually means "rest" or "sleep".

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    I really think the mechanics are a very cool concept... I care much less about the iconography... so if there is ever some consensus on what you need/want... just gimme me a nudge. I'm never that far away.

  • Just playing around with this in the pre-release. I dig it. Takes up a fair bit of real estate on the sidebar but its very useful.

    One thought, for the cluster of unit icons (showing multiple units in a group) it would be nice if Infantry was always in the foreground. For some reason it looks odd to me when they are behind a larger unit like a tank or aagun etc. Probably because it upends the imagined perspective somehow. On land I think Infantry first in the foreground, tank types in the midground, air last in the background would probably look best just for the relative scale of unit types within the group cluster.

    For the ships looks great. Very tidy. I like how convenient this is for skipping around the map with player nation like UK in the WWII games, where you're just scattered all over and frequently forget something in the southern hemisphere hehe. Nice work man

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    Good feedback, thank you. I created a TODO list for unit scroller improvements and added the 'sort units' suggestion:

    @Black_Elk it's also possible to make the unit avatar image larger and to increase the separation or offset between the images, any thoughts if that might help? It would add yet more space for the component, but perhaps could be a win for visbility. I've also been wondering as well if it makes more sense to show up to 3 units max instead of the 4 (current IIRC is 4). I went with 4 as when I toyed around with 3 it did not convey quite the same 'mass' of different units, it more seemed like there would be exactly 3 rather than a large mass of multiple types.

    I'll see if I can get some time to demo out a few of these variations and post screenshots, wanting to wrap up a few other projects first. In the meantime curious if you have thoughts on those few additional dimensions that can be changed.

    DanVanAtta created this issue in triplea-game/triplea

    open Unit Scroller TODO #5181

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