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  • I've been a fan of NWO and TRS for a while, and just found this map, and I love it. Kudos to sieg and all that worked on it!!

    Also totally disagree with undying, and agree with the guy that responded to him: in the best maps, luck plays the crucial role of making the game proceed differently each time you play it. I never play low luck. Choosing when to gamble, and adapting to lucky/unlucky battle is what makes AAA fun.

    I love how many theatres the UK/US can choose from. I also love the huge starting disparity between axis/allies income/total army size.

    I don't know whether it's balanced yet.

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    I have to say, even tho I'm not a player myself, I've watched many games by now and it seems that nobody buys "Elite", but very rarely and quite marginally. While the "Marine" unit has its niche space, it looks like the "Elite" is almost pointless.

    I wonder if the World At War players would prefer the Elite being completely removed from the game. Or maybe the defence value of both Elite and Marine increased to 3.

    It sort of itches me when I get offered to buy pointless units; so just wondering.

  • you should try
    world at war variants - vXXX
    here are infantry and paratroopers and all the things you will like.

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    @redrum Since the basis is Revised rules, I suppose the notes (for both games of this map) should tell that combat resolution (comprising fly overs) use Low Luck, and also fully explain how that changes the original rules, if reading the Revised rulebook and the game's notes are supposed to give you full information. The only thing that appears telling you that you are using Low Luck is the point number 1 in "Rules Clarifications", but the actual explanation only covers what you can do during Combat Movement (tho, that substantially implies that you are using Low Luck, but that is definitely not clear).


  • Is there a recommended grouping of countries for 6-7 players?

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    @wasoo There are some WaW team games here that you can see how nations were divided (mostly 8 player games):

    Below are probably the 8 largest nations which are usually split for a 8 player game and the smaller ones then distributed among them. For Axis, you'd probably combine either the Japan nations or Germany/Italy if you only had 3 Axis players. For Allies, you'd probably have Russia, US, and UK as the 3 main players and divide up France and the other more minor nations with each of those.



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