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    I keep getting a missing image even though the images are in the Units folder.


    There's 5 new units named "American_..." Says they're missing as well as "mech_infantry" which is an old image that's still in the folder.

    Screenshot from 2019-07-30 03-13-27.png

    When I click on details it shows the new units missing. I gave everybody their own productionFrontiers after creating the units. Added the new units everywhere they were supposed to be in the xml.


    Been stuck for 12 hours and I'm out of ideas. Any help is appreciated.


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    @beelee Wow. Well, silly question, but did you check that you don't have any other folders (zipped or not, master or not) called ""global_40_house_rules"? I cannot see any other reasons but the xml looking at some other folder than the one you think. Also now that all a series of different paths are supported, you can have twice so many redundant maps in the same main folder.

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    @beelee Probably because I didn't design them. 😆

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    heh heh these are different ones than my request but yea wouldn't surprise me 🙂
    Thanks cernel I'll try and streamline it. Tried last night but fatigue may have been a factor

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    I made it's own repo at git and deleted it from "House Rules". Still throws the same error. I tried it on windows in case linux mint was the culprit but same thing. I added the new Units to the WWII Global 40 Units folder instead of the House Rules one this time since there's fewer units but...

    Anyway here are the current American units. The new ones are named " American_artillery, American_armour, American_infantry, American_mech_infantry, American_aaGun".

    Americans github.zip
    The git repo is "oztea_1939_global"

    @Panther @redrum @RoiEX any ideas ?

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    I am not very familiar with all those house rule repos and maps, so I have a question first:

    What I see in your xml is this line:

    <property name="mapName" value="global_40_house_rules" editable="false"/>

    On the other hand you are working with an "oztea_1939_global" repo with an xml called "Oztea_1939_Global.xml".

    For a working "Oztea-map" I would expect a reference to the "Oztea"-name in the above quoted line of your xml, instead of a reference to the "global_40_house_rules"...

    So how are 'global_40_house_rules' and 'oztea_1939_global' related?

    Are those different maps/masters/zips? Or is one of them just part of the other?

    (I am not at a Java-PC at the moment so I cannot download and test that myself.)

    In other words: In case the Oztea-stuff is a dedicated map/zip/master, I would expect that line to read as something like

    <property name="mapName" value="oztea_1939_global" editable="false"/>

    thus pointing to the map-zip "oztea_1939_global" which should contain those images.

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    Hi Panther Thanks for the reply. The first post I had the 1939 mod in with Global house Rules, that's why it was named that way. Cernel mentioned something about maybe it being a naming issue or something to that effect, so i created the new repo and named it the same as the map.

    Unfortunately that didn't change anything. Idk why, but it's not finding the new units I added. It seems as if it should be pretty straight forward. I've added units in the past with little trouble.

    Also i deleted all references to the new units but kept the separate productionFrontiers and it works correctly. So it's not anything in the xml I don't think but ? : )

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    It's very easy to get proof. Delete the units folder completely. If you see any units still appearing, beside those of TripleA assets, then it means that folder you just deleted the units subfolder of is not the one your xml is looking at.

    This in turn means that either your game is loading some other xml than the one you think or your xml is loading some other skin than the one you think. Also check you don't have some mapskin selected.

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    @beelee Thank you for your clarification. I have just downloaded your Github Oztea_1939_Global zip file and placed it in downloaded maps. I have started a local game. I can reproduce the error, but exclusively for "American_infantry". However those units are not invisible but present.
    I am able to buy those units, to select and move those units and to place those units.
    They are permanently referred to as "American_infantry".

    It looks like despite this error-message permanently pops up it has no further effect.

    However that still does not explain the error.

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    @Panther yes that what happens. If didn't repeatedly showup it wouldn't be a big deal. I guess I'll try and make it to USA turn and actually buy some and see if i can place them.

    @ cernel yea I was just thinking last night that I'll take everything out of DL maps and try it. Then delete triplea and try that.

    Thanks for the help everyone
    @Panther ahh I see you already did that. Placing and moving.

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    well I took everything out of dl maps except for the mod, same thing. Removed the units folder and it just said I was missing all the units.

    I'm gonna delete every triplea thing I have and reinstall. Put only the mod in dl maps and try that

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    @beelee Ok, so that means that your game is actually looking at the right folder. Then I've no idea how it is possible that it doesn't get the images. I'll try to download the game, see what happens to me.

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    @Cernel cool thanks. I had one more idea before I reinstall triplea. I put "Global 40 House Rules" and "World War II Global" in the dl maps folder along with the mod as those two maps had the mod in them at one time. I then added the new units to those two maps and still no go.

    Im gonna reinstall now

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    well I'm out of ideas now. I reinstalled triplea, no go. I then compressed all my backup stuff and emailed it to myself and obliterated everything triplea on my computer. Reinstall get the mod from git, still no go.

    So my last thought is, when I made the new unit, I copied it out of the "World War II Global" map and simply renamed it, then added it to the mod. That's always how I do it, copy an image from wherever, rename it and you're good to go.

    So idk if somehow it didn't like that process or what. I guess I'll obliterate everything again and copy a image from somewhere else, veqryn's or joe pants brown folder and see if that makes a difference.

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    While I can't provide a solution, I might be able to present an idea that might help.

    I dug through the code and found that there's only a single error message for all the image variations of a unit. Therefore if mech_infantry_hit doesn't exist, you get the same error message as if mech_infantry doesn't exist.

    I really have no idea on how to make maps, but I hope this helps

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    @beelee Can you upload the whole map zip? Or do you have everything uploaded to the github repo? Just easier than trying to piece together different parts.

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    @redrum yea it's at git under "oztea_1939_global"

    Thanks guys

    Also, although they're not in there for the Americans now, I have tried it with adding the units the new ones replaced into the folder as well.

  • @beelee
    Not an expert. But the error shown points to 'mech_infantry' and not 'American_mech_infantry'.

    What I tried was to place a copy of the regular units in the Americans folder and a copy of the 'Americans_' units into the other countries folders and the error went away.

    Hope this helps...


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    Ok I've put this:
    into my downloadedMaps folder.

    Just starting the game, the only missing image I get is:
    MISSING IMAGE (this unit or image will be invisible): UnitType{name=American_infantry}

    Taking a look at the xml, you have a series of entries, in "unitInitialize", where "American_infantry" is owned by "Russians", "Dutch" and "Mongolians", none of these players having the required image in their units subfolders. This is why you are getting those errors and not seeing those units.

    At the developers, I suggest reworking the "Missing Image" error as also to tell the owner of the missing unit. I recall this warning was introduced by @LaFayette.

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    @Cernel Right on ! Thanks man ! Yea Idk what happened when I was adding the separate production Frontiers and the new units but the unitInialize was all whacked out and like doubled itself. I got all that sorted but never thought to look close enough at the owners.

    Thanks again everyone

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