best WW2 map?

  • hello everybody, I played AAA years ago and that time there where much less maps to choose, I am really happy but also a little bit confused 😄

    what is now the most popular WW2 map? Italy is still present as an indipendent player?

    thank you for help!

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    @Fabio-Mosti Probably the kind of question that could spark a heated debate. 😉

    Probably the best approach is to join the lobby, look at the games with the most active players and then download those maps so that you can join games and see if they are the type of game that suits your personal taste.

    But from a pure numbers standpoint...

    World War II revised
    World War II Global 2nd edition

  • @Hepps thank you : ) rhis sounds like a good idea!!!

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    On A&A .org the most popular map definitely is
    Global 1940 2nd edition (incl. BalanceMod).

    Italy is present in Global, as well as in Anniversary Edition.

  • @Panther

    all the mods are not really easily differentiable in the description in game

    If i'm wondering which Global version are used most for ladder and the like, what version should i look at/familiarize myself with?


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    @Emil-Rose-Tophøj The 2 that are used for the ladder I believe are:
    1940 2nd Edition
    1940 Balanced Mod3

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    @Emil-Rose-Tophøj World War II Global 1940 2nd Edition is the latest basic version. The other ones are mods or old versions.

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    The best WWII maps are New World Order (European theater), Rising Sun (Pacific), and World at War (the whole world). They are all part of the same series. I'll focus on New World Order, as this is the one with which I'm most familiar.

    The attached picture shows New World Order at the start of a game. Germany is supposed to expand quickly, conquering Paris on G3, and conquering most or all of neutral Poland by G3 as well. Early in the game Italy is supposed to conquer southern France, the Balkans, central and western North Africa, and potentially Greece. It's also supposed to expand into eastern Spain. Britain is supposed to expand in the Middle East, conquering neutral Iran, Iraq, and possibly neutral Turkey. There are no diplomatic or other penalties whatsoever for attacking neutrals.

    Axis nations are Germany, Italy, Finnland, and Romania. Allied nations are U.S.S.R., France, Colonial France, Britain, and the U.S. Contested areas are Scandinavia (if UK or US go north) France (if UK or US go middle), Spain (if Britain or US go south) or northern Africa. Over in the east, Turkey can be contested between Britain and Italy. If Britain wins that struggle it will seek to advance into Greece and the Balkans. If Italy wins it will seek to take Iran/Iraq from Britain, perhaps even conquering Britain's factory in Cairo and driving Britain out of the east Mediterranean entirely. Sometimes Allies will go Kill Italy First, in which case Axis will often respond with Kill Soviet Union First. In this map Italy is at least as important to the Axis as the Soviet Union is to the Allies. To give you a feel for the scale of this map, it's perfectly normal for Germany to have an income of 130 and Italy to have an income of 80, and for Allied incomes to balance out Axis.

    Starting on round 4 you will be able to build special, more technologically advanced units: harder hitting, long ranged bombers for Britain and the U.S., Katyushka for the Soviet Union, jets for Axis, big armor and bunkers and super subs for everyone. This map includes some land and air unit types not seen in Larry Harris maps.

    alt text

    alt text

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