French translation ?

  • Hello, i'm old french newbye but i would like to know if french translation exist already ? I have some friends like to play wargame but english language is wall for them. Thanks for the job.

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    @magnetic I'm fairly certain TripleA is English only. Also I guess it is American English, or tendentially so.

    But, not sure what you are referring to, since there is not much to read. Maybe the rulebook?

    If you were referring to the "notes" tabs in the various games, like the rules explanations of WWII Global and such, those are just for the specific games, so they are unrelated to the language of the TripleA program (but, as far as I know, they are all in English too).

    No idea if there is a way to switch language for some items. Never seen anything.

  • Thank you for your answer yes I wanted to know about the manual and the game. I will try to translate it and if you want to put it online once done, no worries. I wanted to make sure it hasn't already been done.

  • @magnetic
    Hi magnetic
    I'm not a 100% certain but I thought I saw something at A& about this. I'll go give a search when I'm done here

  • @beelee

    not sure if that's everyhing you're looking for but ... 🙂

    Ahh...I believe i misunderstood your question. Yea Idk if triplea is in French. I think the originator was German but not sure or if it's in German. Maybe @redrum or @Panther would know ?

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    I still have not understood what exactly this thread is about:

    • the TripleA software (user interface) translation
    • the translation of written map content
    • the translation of the TripleA manual document
    • any A&A-game related rulebook translation
    • ... ?

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    @Panther Me neither. He said "the manual and the game". But I guess he means he intends "only" to translate this:

    Also, most "map content" is actually "game" content, as the game notes is within the game file (currently in xml format), yet possibly using map items (images). A major exception is TWW, where you have the notes mostly as a series of images, thus it is mostly at a map, not game, level.

  • Good evening, sir,
    Yes I meant a translation of the rulebook ( , that will be more than enough for my non-English speaking friends to understand the game. Thank you for the links mentioned above.

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    @magnetic Good luck, but, sadly, that rulebook hasn't been updated since 2012, and many parts of it are either wrong because it features TripleA 1.5 instead of 2.0 (it is embarrassing that TripleA keeps giving the rulebook for its 1.5 version), or have always been arguably not good enough.

    Anyways, it should be enough for getting people into the game, if with some misunderstandings.

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    Would be great to see the rulebook updated:

    1. Made into not a PDF so we can update it incrementally and fix things that are out of date, perhaps get it on the website as HTML
    2. Drop the items that should be obvious from the UI. If we have to explain how to start a game, then the problem is not a lack of documentation but the UI. You should not need a rule book to tell you that to start a game, you click the "Start Game" button. The UI is of course not perfect, so we should see where/how to fix any such items so a rule book to explain basics of the UI are not necessary.
    3. Finally, get some different languages/translations going. Even as a web-page, google-translate perhaps could do the work for us.

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    @LaFayette I believe, at this point (and likely more and more as time goes by), updating the rulebook would be such a massive undertaking that I doubt anyone will ever do it, unless it is possible pushing specific changes to it, updating or correcting it progressively.

    However, in this case, I think it would be opportune freezing the rulebook each time a new release is made. Thus any changes to the rulebook made after a release should not be available, to regular users, until after a new release is made. This is necessary, as otherwise users might receive a rulebook that is wrong for the currently released version, if updated to some prereleased one.

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    @Cernel You're suggesting we release one version per release version?

    • The rules do not change that much
    • The rule book is partly out of date because it focused on game specific like how-to-use the UI rather than core game rules. I'm certainly suggesting we make it more generic so that it does not need to be updated as much if at all.

    Yes, it would be quite an effort to get the rule book out from PDF and perhaps translated to HTML. That would go a long way:

    • we'd get translations "for free"
    • the rule book would be easier to find if it's on the website
    • better website content, more traffic to the website leads to better SEO, meaning more people find TripleA through search engines.

    So there are certainly lots of benefits to migrating the rule book to the website. IMO that's probably a next step.

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    Off topic, but it would also make sense that if you click on getting the Rulebook, and are missing the "Big World" map, the program prompts you to download it (or having the "Big World" map preinstalled).

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    @LaFayette It might happen that, for example, a developer adds Risk or Diplomacy or something, and it is also diligent enough to update the rulebook with a section for it, but, then, regular users should not be told they can play such games until they can. But I agree that practically this is unlikely to have an impact.

  • It's a good idea to put the rules on html. Online translation is possible, personally I use Deepl which is much better translation than google tools.

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    FWIW, an HTML version of the rule-book is now available on the user-guides page:

    The formatting is probably quite rough, but at least the content is there in HTML.

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