Unable to edit topics in the Announcements section

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    I've moved the following 11 posts from the:
    to this new topic.

    To summarize, the issue is that only moderators and administrators can edit posts in the Announcements section of this forum, thus basic users cannot edit their own posts, in there.

    Should this be changed, allowing basic users editing their posts in there? Should this be documented somewhere, if not?

  • rofl we can't edit now?

    anyways I wanted to edit it *aliaser trolls but now TripleAForum won't let you edit wtf what kind of forum is that

  • rofl I cant imagine a Cernel post without using edit yous are gonna drive him insane lol

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    @Captain-Crunch The announcements category is a little bit more protected, only admins can create threads here, that's probably the reason why posts can't be edited by non-admins as well

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    @RoiEX Oh, that's peculiar. Has it to be that way? I'm not sure I'm seeing a reason for having different editing privileges within some parts of the forum, aside from the threads where you report moderation related issues. This is likely going to remain mildly confusing, especially if not documented.

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    @Cernel Way back when I setup the forum, my idea was that the "Announcements" category was a special category where only devs could create posts, so everything in there can be considered "official".
    I probably thought that only admins should be able to edit their own posts there so I restricted the editing priviledge in order to achieve that.
    However up until now I didn't realize that mods are not able to edit posts under that initial post, so yeah that should be changed probably.
    I'd recommend you create a new topic (maybe in bunker or wherever you prefer, just not here in this topic) to dicsuss what should be possible and what shouldn't and how closely we're able to achieve that with the NodeBB permission system.

  • @RoiEX thanks. At least I feel you're giving me a straight answer -.-

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    @Captain-Crunch Did I miss out on something?
    I think I said everything I recall about the situation

  • wow I just thought you seemed sincere (unlike the many facetious aliaser troll posts and threads on this forum) and so I wanted to compliment you but somehow you are defensive so now I'm unsure again loooooooooooool

    I'm down to posting on 1 forum and Sportsnet.ca right now and the idiot admins at Sportsnet (total propaganda troll yahoos) are making me lose interest so I may ditch posting there and then this is my only forum until there's too much trolling and not much fun anymore

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    @Captain-Crunch I have to say Capt. you seem more concerned with whether or not something someone has posted or what they are saying specifically to you is somehow diminished by what alias they choose to go by. I'm just not sure such an obsession about identity is conducive to sanity in an environment where anyone can be anything they want to be from one moment to the next.

    I would highly recommend focusing on what they are saying verses who they may or may not be.

  • @Hepps this is the 3rd time you've been mad and is it the 2nd time you've mentioned sanity?

    He doth protest too much because ...


  • this no edit thing sucks

    I forgot to mention Hepps is one of those guys that really hates when the truth hurts amiright

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    @Captain-Crunch I am not mad. I actually don't really care one way or another, it is simply an observation. You seem fixated on the idea that a topic for discussion may or may not have value based solely on whether it may have been posted by someone who has more than one account on the forum.

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    @Captain-Crunch said in Unable to edit topics in the Announcements section:

    I forgot to mention Hepps is one of those guys that really hates when the truth hurts amiright

    I am also fine with pain... both inflicted and self-inflicted. I think you mistake this for an attack, when really its not.

  • @Hepps wow that almost sounded psycho lol. Anyways dude what thread are you trying to troll me on please because if you read the forum it was a belee troll post in the "Guide lines and feature requests" thread ... where only a few people can post because he's a modded troll (duh why??) and so Cernel then pwnt belee and moved my belee pwning post to "Taking your suggestions for a new UI" thread where we can now ez mock the troll so then we discovered there that we can't edit posts in that thread so thats where the actual topic of "being allowed to edit posts in a thread" was raised and so then Rolex shows up and called the "Guide lines and feature requests" thread as an Announcement thread and a special thread where he's now raising the issue of what things should be allowed in threads like non admin/mod posting allowed or being able to edit posts etc. with all of this resulting in people reading this forum's thread are like lolool look at these anal nerd trolls that think we want to be reading this dolt anal spam but anyways I totally gave some nice answer to Rolex about how he explained not allowing editting posts nicely and even gave him a Like and then he gets defensive roofl making people kind of figure that these constant mad nerds haveto abuse commands and threads and not allow editting only because they keep getting pwnt so ez on their other troll aliases and its really sad but funny to me

    Hepps its called retention and ya I make aliaser trolls mad ez just read the thread wow care more hehe

    SO EZ nub aliaser trolls. I tell yous they call me a meme on Star Wars my handle is YKO<!>AW5UM my clan is young knights of old -.-

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