Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 15) "Arctic Convoy"

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    Eh, I "won" vs IngCameroni but it was kinda a hollow victory based on luck early one in round 2 after an aggressive round by my opponent. Really nice dude tho, we'll play more in the futuretoc.tsvg

  • @Ondis could you share the game file?

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    @TangoRomeo YES! @ all our sponsor has asked for a video to be created thus as many game files saves as possible please!

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    Up guys!!!!

  • Hey, noob question here, how do find the email of an opponent so I can challenge them to PBEM? My opponent is @Patton1977

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    @Shmod said in Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 15) "Arctic Convoy":

    Hey, noob question here, how do find the email of an opponent so I can challenge them to PBEM? My opponent is @Patton1977

    @Shmod You can look on their forum profile. Also I have sent out a list of all ToC15 participants' addresses in multiple emails.

  • King Kelly (Allies) wins over Sol (Axis +9). Very fun game with KJF and factory in India. Which was taken by Japan early on but that gave USA the opportunity to win the Jap fleet. Germany did well taking Cauc, but could not get into Moscow quickly. That gave Allies the opportunity to retake Africa, diminish Jap money and finally Axis had to surrender. As most of the times, the dices favoured Allies, which gave Sol a hard time, although he played very well! Thank you so much for the game Sol, well played and I am sure you will beat me next time!

  • Hammond (Allies) wins vs Mogulrunnin (Axis+11) Russia got off to a good start with some help from the dice in Ukraine offensively and defensively which allowed for more aggressive play with Russia. However, Germany's moves really made UK earn its place as it had to dance around planes and help supply Russia while also providing some defense for the USA in the Med fight that was going to be troublesome for the Allies. So most focus was against Germany which did keep them confined, but Japan became a huge threat and actually succeeded in pushing USA off of Africa. With no where to land, many US troops had to seek cover sitting in transports, it was a dark time for the Allies. The bright spot was that Russia was equally as powerful as Germany forcing Japan to recoil back to Asia with everything to relieve the pressure. This resulted in a huge Persia battle that left Russia and the Allies in control of the high ground and Africa was back in UK's possession. Game see-sawed a bit after and could have lasted quite longer but Axis made an honorable surrender in R12. Mogulrunning was a pleasure to game with. Thanks for the game and good luck in the rest of the tourneyMogulrunning and hammond.tsvg

  • Blasherke (allies) won Vs Patton77 (Axis +10) in a quick and fun game, where the Axis started off with a credible Sealion. Luckily the Allies decoded Enigma just in time, but in the meantime Rommel thundered through Africa. The allies, however, were able to concentrate forces in E-Eur and to hamper the Jap advance. After the sinking of the Med fleet in round 7 the Axis honourably surrendered. Patton77 is a friendly opponent with unpredictable moves, who PBEMs at near live speed! Thanks, Patton77!

  • TangoRomero (Axis + 7) wins against Handsome (Allies) after Allies gives up in R14. From my point of view it was a close and exciting game for a long time. I, the Handsome one, underestimated the effect of one ekstra INF in Ukr and led Russia into a catastrofic R1, where German Ukr Ftr survived. I didn't have the brains to withdraw in time either and lost a russian FTR in the event.

    Allies, now in panic mode, decided to slow Japan as much as possible to awoid early pressure on Russia on both sides. That worked out pretty well, and Russia regained some strenght. However, from G5, Germany was able to hold on to West Russia and cut off the reinforcepath to Moscow. An Allied landing forced the German to withdraw the main attackforce and saved Russia for some more rounds, but at the time a real Allied threat was build up in the west, Japan had grown to big.

    Thanks to TangoRomero for great sportmanship and for a very entertaining game. He is also an lightning fast PBEM player.


  • Sol (axis +9) lost to KingKelly in about round 11 I believe (don't have a save). It was an online KJF with India IC and American fleet in the Pacific. Japs made a big mistake of placing insufficient units in FIC in round 1 which allowed the Brits to kill 3 jap figs. Japs took India in round 3 but at too high a cost. After that all resources were spent on trying to deadzone Pacific islands (successfully until round 10 or so) but keeping Jap land action almost non-existent and therefore Japan very poor. Germans did advance to WR and Cauc but had nowhere near sufficient units to take Moscow. Seeing the growing TUV advantage and no way to stop this growth Axis surrendered. I enjoyed the game a lot. Thanks, KingKelly.

  • Panpal (allies) won vs Brxxx( axis+ 8).
    Axis placed the bid on Africa, but allies managed to get back Egypt and land in Algeria In round one. THe there was a fierce battle for Egypt changing hands 3 more times, however, in round 4 the US sunk the med fleet and Africa was seeded to the allies. In Asia, Japan was advancing fast building an IC in India in round 2 which put pressure in Russia early in the game. Then in round 6 in a coordinated axis move, Germans advanced to Ukraine and Japanese to Persia forcing Rusia to abandon the Caucasus and retreat to Moscow. The UK took advantage of the situation and stalked E.E. So a double siege started. Moscow seemed initially less defended than Berlin but the allied fighters reinforced its defences. Allies manage to control both ends of the Suez channel and US attack half of the Japanese fleet on the other side and in the next turn win a decisive battle in Persia and allowing the UK planes to reinforce Moscow. At the same time, the UK Had already built an IC in EE and was tightening the grip around Berlin. At this point, Brxxx decided to surrender honourably and not prolong the fight. Overall it was a fascinating fast placed game against a very competent opponent. This was his first game after 7 years and I am glad the tournament encouraged him to rediscover revised. I am looking forward to playing with him again. [link text](toc15-brxx-jap10.tsvg

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    We are only 1 week into the tournament, and already 11 of 16 first round games have finished, and the remaining 5 are making good progress so far.  Additionally, two first round losers bracket games have also finished.  As a reminder, you can follow the bracket at this link:

  • TangoRomeo (axis +7) won vs Handsome

    Russia took a little chance in round 1 and didn't attack Ukraine with enough force after one extra infantry from the bid was placed there. That, along with some Axis dice luck (LowLuck of course ;), gave Germany a good start to the game. UK did stall Japan from getting a rapid start as, but eventually the yellow tsunami was too much and overwhelmed Russia in Round 14.

    The game was filled with humor and history. Handsome is a good player and I hope to meet him again in the finals 🙂


    @Handsome will add some more details because, in our story line, Stalin escaped the fall of Russia and survived on the lone remaining Russian sub.

  • Barca (axis+9) won vs Emil,
    The game started with Russia being slightly unlucky when they were unable to take Ukraine. This set the tone for the whole game, with axis deciding to go all out against Russia. Germany invaded West Russia with all available units. Emil's turn 1 remark summed it up perfectly, "More aggressive start from GER than anticipated..." . Japan continued the laser focus attack on Russia, by 1) not attacking Pearl Harbor on Round 1 and 2) supporting Germany's push to West Russia by landing fighters there in Round 2. With Russia just able to defend its homeland Caucasus fell turn 3 to Germany. Japaneses fighters took advantage of targets of opportunity by attacking small portions of both the British and American fleet which further slowed allied support. The untouched American Pacific navy ended up not playing a major role, to the great relief of Japan. By turn 6, Russia was doomed, and with no counter play Emil resigned.
    Emil was a great opponent. His emails usually included color commentary which I enjoyed. I wish him all the best in ToC15 and look forward to playing him again.


  • Ingcameroni(Axis+8) defeats Sol(Allies ). In round 6 Allies surrendered, after Mosca was taken by Japan. It was a fun game. Allies and axis was very aggressive so the game was fast... Axis was lucky and dice was good during important battle. GG

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    bayder (Axis) defeated Greg_Anderson (Allies). Greg is a fun and fair opponent, who is admittedly a bit new, and this was his first pbem experience. He caught on quickly though to the aspects of playing. Unfortunately his strategy of splitting forces between Atlantic and Pacific wasn't helped by some poor dice, and Germany was going to take Moscow in round 6. Seeing this, Greg surrendered. Thanks for the game, and best of luck in your next one!


  • Baxter (Axis +8 with African placement) defeats Brennan (Allies) in R14. Brennan was kind enough to write a good summary of our game: "A big German/Russian battle in West Russia (Russia’s stacking territory), together with losing Caucasus, was crippling to Russia, which forced Brits to lend reinforcements directly to Archangel/Moscow, which went on for a while, and allies were unable to recover Caucasus. U.S.A. tried to come in through the Mediterranean and chase axis out of there in order to eventually help alleviate the situation surrounding Caucasus, but the Japanese navy curtailed their efforts and U.S. had to withdraw. The Americans spent most of their time battling the Japanese in Africa. The Japanese and Germans putting the squeeze on Russia, the combined British and Russia production just wasn’t enough to save Moscow in the end. Also, the Japanese dominated the Pacific." Thanks to Brennan for a fun game. It was my first in many many years and a great way to get back into the swing of things. GL Brennan for the rest of the tournament! TOC15 Baxter v Brennan R14-3UK.tsvg

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    Eboy82 (Axis +9) wins over Blasherke (Allies) by surrender in round 8. Allies were really early to stack West Europe, but Germany retreated with all it forces and with African income was able to hold on until Japan came to the table and captured Russia. Thanks for the match Blasherke, and good luck in next round. Blash Vs. Eboy_Ger8.tsvg

  • brxxx (Allies) won against jeffschultz (Axis +10) in round 8. After a horrible, nearly deciding, start for the Allies, where the russians were not able to take ukraine in round one and even lost a critical fight in caucasus in round 2, the allies were able to get back. With a combined attack at western europe from uk and usa, the allies destroyed the whole german air force. This was the moment where allies get the chance to take germany before japan take russia. And uk did in round 8 while 20 tanks of japan rushing towards russia. GG to jeffschultz. triplea_Bri8.tsvg

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