Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 15) "Arctic Convoy"

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    bayder (Allies) defeats jbwood53 (Axis) in round 7 by surrender. Allies got off to a good start, and Axis struggled to come back from it. JB decided to surrender despite the Axis still having a good amount of fight in them, but with Allies stacking EEur and Per, it was going to be difficult for the comeback. Thanks JB for the fast and fun game! -bayder

  • Baxter (Allies) wins over TangoRomeo (Axis +7) after surrender in R5. By the end of R1 Germany had stacked Karelia, and Japan had made a fast start with a factory and 2 additional trans. The UK did what they could to bleed some units from the German forces, waiting for the US to get into the game. Russia was able to just hold it's stack in W Rus until R4 when the UK hit a small stack in EEur and the US hit W Eur and S EUR. Despite neither battle going to plan, it was just was enough to force Germany to retreat from Karelia, and TangoRomeo called surrender with the Japs not quite fast enough. It was hard work for the Allies and I thank TR for the game! Baxter v TR R5-UK.tsvg

  • Nardawgg (Allies) defeats Epinikion (axis+8) in round 19 of a vicious and exciting game. Tough to recall such a long game, but it comes down to one great american southern europe landing in the mid game which cost germany a lot of tanks and germany did not look the same since. After many rounds of gruelling battles the axis surrendered once the allied bombers started raining down on Berlin. Great game epi, really tough opponent. Look out for epiToC15 Epi.tsvg

  • Nardawgg (Allies) defeats Eboy82 (Axis+8) in round 8. Game begun hard and fast, with britain hitting western europe round 1, and getting a terrific result. The luck was stacked against germany, as japan was urgently rushing to help germany, it was too late and the Axis surrendered. Gg Eboy! ToC15 Eboy.tsvg

  • Calbears72 (Axis +8) defeats Oppositof in round 16 to surrender.

  • Wasp(Allies) defeats Barca(Axis+9) in round 9. Allies employ the pacific strategy coupled with an all out push to secure Africa. With Africa secure, the allies were able to keep German ipc's in check and kick Japan out of Asia. Thanx for the game Barca, Revenge is mine! vsbarca.tsvg

  • hammond (Allies) wins vs calbears (Axis+10) in round 16. Some Allies luck helped on the opening Ukraine battle and some early navy battles hit some German planes. Then, for a while, both sides built their armies vying for some key ground. In Europe, EE was held steady while Japan was massing for Persia. However, the Allies were able to hold their ground as well. In a nice move, Germany made a break out that almost forced a retreat in the face of a combined threat from Japan. Having just enough forces, the Allies were able to maintain and Germany had to head home for its defense and was never able to go on the offensive again. ham_calb_J16.tsvg Time and tide went against Japan and the Axis made an honorable surrender. Calbears was a gracious player allowing for a delayed start and showed good sportsmanship throughout the game. Good luck in the rest of the tourney!

  • Game 36: Calbears72 (Allies) wins vs Dirty Tripitz (Axis+9) at the end of round 15. Interesting turn of events saw a good back and forth but the allies productivity was too much. It was a fun game played with respect. dirty_calG18.tsvg

  • Shmod (axis) wins over Barca. Japanese were allowed to get too strong and Barca resigned when they were building up to take Russia.triplea_Bri5.tsvg

  • Panpal (axis+9) wins over Frank-the-Tank (allies). Axis had favourable dice in the first round allowing them to obtain an early advantage. The US went pacific building an IC in China and investing in a fleet. Russia was pumping units in Asia to help contain Japan. Therefore, Germany was left unchallenged and conquered Africa and Caucasus by round 4. By round 7 Germany got Moscow, while the US fleet was strong but not in a position to threaten Japan yet. Allies made an honourable surrender at this point. I would like to thank Frank is an excellent player with great sportsmanship and I would like to wish him good luck to the rest of the tournament


  • Panpal (allies) wins over Baxter (axis+8). Axis split the bid between Ukraine and Egypt. Turn 1 was excellent for the UK in the pacific slowing Japan considerably. At the same time, Germany stacked Karelia, forcing Russia to defend West Russia. The allies were quick in reclaiming Africa, but Japan was left unchallenged and build 3 ic Asia and start a rapid expansion. On round 5 Germany moved to Moscow and Persia, where it was reinforced by Japan. Russia had to retreat to Moscow. At the same time, the units left defending Germany were few and the allies got Southern Europe and Stacked Western Europe. A lot of small battles occurred in this round. Unfortunately, for axis the allies had much better dice in all of them which further increased their advantage. Germans had to retreat their attacking tanks to defend the motherland, but that was not enough to push allies out of Western Europe. At this point Braxter surrendered honourably, deciding not to prolong the fight. Braxter was a great opponent and displayed great sportsmanship even though he had suboptimal dice since the beginning of the game. I would like to wish him good luck to the rest of the tournament and I hope we can play again sometime.
    TOC15 Braxter vs Panpal Jap7.tsvg

  • ingcameroni (axis +8) defeat Frank-the-tank in a long game that was played very swiftly. Allies took an early advantage and and managed to reinforce its position both in the Pacific with USA slowly gaining ground, while UK managed to control Africa and thus limit Germany's expansion. But on round 13, Germany managed to destroy UK fleet. Also, ingcameroni played Japan's defense very well to the extent that Tokyo only felt one round prior UK. At that point, Germany power was just too much, and the rush to control Suez came at Germany's advantage. Frustrating defeat, but to the hands of a great player and true gentleman.

  • tnks for the "true gentleman" but you are the very gentleman because I need many "edit" and you conceded me.. tnks... very funny game... and agaist UK's fleet dice was favor for Germany! tnks I hope to play again whit you!!

  • Shmod (Allies) defeats calbears. calbears offered a tenacious defense, but was unabe to keep Japan in the fight and surrenderedtriplea_Rus15.tsvg in round 15

  • Quick rules question, if someone submerges subs, shouldn't the attacker have the option of retreating? Currently that would require an edit, but it doesn't make sense to not be able to retreat when there are still enemy ships present

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    @Shmod No need editing once the new release comes out (hopefully soon). This thing has been fixed about one year ago...

  • Baxter (Axis) wins vs. Shmod. Got diced harder than I've ever been diced before. Sorry I couldn't give you a good game Baxter

  • TOC15 Baxter v Shmod R3-5US.tsvg

    Thanks Shmod! Axis bid 9 and placed 2 inf for Ger (Ukr/Lib) and 1 inf for Jap (Fr Inc). Axis definitely had the dice all game, but 2 telling battles were UK1 where the Jap trans killed the UK destroyer, and Ger2 where Germany threw everything at WRus and got really good dice. The battles in R1 wrecked Shmod's KJF plans, and the battle in WRus meant that Russia was on a very shortened life span. Game ended on R3 US. I wish you much better dice next game Shmod!

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    Epic Game between me (Êbül team) and King Kelly (Super best friend rainbow team) ends in marginal Victory for me at round 14 after plenty of back and forths and an unusual progression compared to the usual style of Revised games. Thx again for a GG.


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