Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 15) "Arctic Convoy"

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    The commentary went both ways:). Thanks to jbwood53 for a long and entertaining game. His strategy got him in an good position early. He managed to bring reinforcements to Russia, both from the Med and from the north, and in the end the best player won! Good luck to jbwood53 in the rest of the tournament.

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    bayder (Axis) "defeats" hammond (Allies) in round 14. I use a quoted "defeats" because in reality, this game was still very close when hammond decided to surrender. Axis had fought back from the brink of disaster, to turn the game into what I considered a virtual deadlock.
    Axis started out with horrible luck to put them in dire straits in both Europe and Africa.
    In desperation, Axis made some risky moves later in the game, and the dice came through and got them back into a better position. Hammond is a much tougher opponent than he ever gives himself credit for, and one of the all around best guys in the community!

  • @bayder
    Bayder is too kind. Thanks for the nice post. In reality, Germany had some very bad dice (i.e. German bomber attacks single UK bomber and loses). So, from that, he made very nice albeit "bold" moves that turned the game around. Axis were gaining TUV every turn and instead of a turtled Russia waiting for its demise, Allies surrendered. GG Bayder and gl in the rest of the tourney! good sport.

  • King Kelly (Axis +10) gets a jury victory over Brxxx (Allies). The game took very much time to play, due to PBEM issues with Kelly's computer. Fortunately Brxxx was so kind to assist and help out, together with grandmaster Bayder, who also helped out with the rolls. It was a tight game where Germany lost Africa rather quick, but was able to strongly defend Europe. The Yellow Army started to built up and although USA had a good position in Egypt, and UK was holding Karelia, Japan took Caucasus with a big stack. Which forced USA to move into Persia, maybe with a too little stack. At that point, the time limit for this round expired. Unfortunately that meant that meant that arbitration had to be done to keep the tournament going. In this case, there was a unanimous decision by a jury of very experienced players that Axis wins the game. While Allies are putting up a good fight, Axis have the clear path to victory with Japan holding Caucausus, especially after Japan can crush Persia in this round, the jury said. I feel a little bit ashamed towards Brxx, who was so kind and relaxed all game, and especially since it was the first time he joined the tournament. He deserved a better outcome, although in the long run the game looked to go Axis way. Therefore the joined Axis forces decided to let Allies have Africa and America, and allow Russia to not be occupied. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill were all invited to a high tea ceremony in the Japanse mountains, and were escorted to there by the Luftwaffe. It was a cheerfull moment for the world leaders to enjoy peace. Thank you Brxxx for the game and your patience, you played very well and might have had a chance if we had a little more time. I hope to play to you some time live in the lobby, to see what the real outcome of the game would have been.Brxxx vs King Kelly TOC 15.tsvg

  • King Kelly (Allies) beats jbwood53 (axis +9) in game played live. King played a great game and came out the winner! I'm sure we'll play again!

  • To reply on JBWood53 post, on the match King Kelly (Allies) vs jbwood53 (Axis +9), see attached file for game details. JB Wood TOC 14-6-2020.tsvg
    UK decided to concentrate the Asian fleet in sz 30, while Germany was constantly attacked in Africa. Japan built some factories but kept a small fleet. UK almost retook Egypt, and the UK fleet was in sz 34 whilst Japan fleet went to sz 30. This gave UK the opportunity to move to sz 36, targetting some Japanese trannies in sz 60. Japan quickly built an AAC there plus extra trannies, but the British fleet got a major result, sinking the Japanese fleet, due to some very lucky tranny hits. This was a setback for Japan, and gave USA the chance to fully take Africa and move into Persia. Japan had a big stack of tanks, and in a big battle Japan won Persia, but was left with hardly any units. Russia took Persia, giving Germany the chance to take Caucasus. But that also meant that the German troops were too far away from Southern Europe, which was taken by UK and stacked by USA. Berlin attacked Southern Europe, but again the dices favoured Allies, leaving SE for the Allies, and the German stack in Berlin diminished. Combined attacks by UK and the American fleet to Caucauses made that it was retaken by Allies. Japan did its best, but the tanks came too late to help Berlin. Which almost fell, but JB surrendered, saving time for both players, but mostly due to the overall bad dices for Germany, with a dice average above 3.8.
    Thank you so much for this fun game JB, which was far from standard from both sides, making it worth while to play and I enjoyed our conversations! That we exchanged ideas about the tactics of the game was a great learning experience for me. I am sure we will meet again, since you are around online so much, I look forward to our rematch 😉

  • Epinikion (axis, bid 10) beats Blasherke (allies) in round 12. I think the dices were clearly in favor for my axis. Blasherke lost a lot Bombers to the german aa. USA and UK went for a strong north landing in Norway, later surrounding Berlin. Russia missed the allies support and decided to move west against Germany to support the attack against Germany. Japan controlled pacific, asia and most of africa und produced all vs Russia. Japan captured Moscow and Caucasus in Round 11 and started moving west to help Germany when allies surrendered.
    It was a very good game. Its a pleasure to play you, Blasherke. For more details i attached the file...

  • @epinikion Thanks Epi, the pleasure was all mine. A well deserved win!

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    Eboy82 (Axis,8) wins over King Kelly (Allies) by surrender in round 17 in a very balanced game with a defensive Russia setting the tone. The jap tank-train once finally established put heat on Russia and kept US reinforcements away, while Germany could hold West Russia for a big part of game. Russia held out very well, despite low income for many rounds thanks to lots of allied air. Thanks for game KingKelly - was a fun one. Highlight was when Russia tank took W.EuropeKingKelly (Allies) Eboy(Axis).tsvg

  • Wasp(Allies) defeats Ingcameroni(Axis +8) by surrender after UK 12. Allies begin the game wanting to go pacific strategy when a round 1 German naval build forces the Allies to switch gear. Russia is backed up early but is able to recover and ultimately hold out against the axis pinch! The US is able to wrestle SEU away from the Germans never to relinquish it's hold. Axis position disintegrated from there. Great game IngcameroniWaspvsIngcameroni.tsvg

  • TOC 15 Baxter v eboy R8 UK END.tsvg

    Baxter (Allies) defeats Eboy82 (Axis +8 African bid). For a relatively short match it sure felt like it had a lot of hard decisions and a few heart-stopping battles! The biggest decision point of the game was Axis moving into WR to threaten both Caucasus and Russia in R5. I got a couple of lucky results when he moved, followed by a good battle result for the Russians, which left the Germans under-manned and the Japs not quite in a position to take advantage of a depleted Russian force. Great game and thanks Eboy as it could have quite easily gone the other way with a few different results in battles!

  • If you have some time watch the thriller (file attached) between epinikion (axis +8) and ondis (allies). Whenever you need a great opponent look out to catch ondis. He is a nice guy and very skilled player. The game was so close and took 20 rounds that i don't try to box it in a few words. Open the file and enjoy the show...
    Epi vs Ondis ToC 15-33-2.tsvg

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    Truly an Epic game and a blast to play. Was looking forward to a new turn all the time.
    Epinikion truly deserved this victory playing a very solid Axis game with an excellent understand of strategic balance against what was very asymmetric Allied harassement on all fronts.

  • hey players,
    today WASP allies surrendered vs epinikions axis (+9) in uk2 due to really bad early dices for the allies. The heart of the story was a germ take of cau in g2 with good rolls and then lucky defending against uk`s retake try in uk2. Thank you Wasp for good gameplay and sorry for my good dices.
    Best, epi

  • hi all
    epinikion (allies) won vs nardawgg (axis +9). It was a wild battle. axis attacked early in algeria, killing usa fig and bomber, but loosing soon control and income in africa. Later axis allowed an usa landing in south europe. Add good dices for the allies in the small trading battles and allies won the game. Thanks nardawgg for good game and fair play.


  • R19 Germany.tsvg

    Baxter (Axis) defeats Hammond (Allies) in R19 with an Axis bid of 10 (2 Ger inf, 1 Jap art). The game turned on a battle in R11 where Japan moved its shipping into the Med on a part suicide mission in order help give the German's some breathing room. The sea battle started unfavourably for the Allies, but got worse as it went on, with the final Jap hit on a 1 killing an extra US BB. From there it was difficult for the US to recover. I'd like to thank Hammond for the game, especially as we played out an alternate direction to the game from one point and it was an cool demonstration of the speed in which Japan can embed itself on the US west coast if conditions are favourable! It was a great learning point 🙂

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    bayder (Allies) defeats panpal (Axis) in round 21 when Axis was facing a certain fall of Berlin, while Moscow would hold at least another round or two. This was a very tight, challenging game that hinged on a few key battles in which the dice held up for Allies. Panpal's creative and calculated play forced my Allies to seek some unconventional moves and some gambles. The USA16 naval/air attack on the Axis fleet off the Italian coast was a pivotal one...with a 77% chance, it could have easily gone south and put Allies in a dire situation. As always, panpal is top notch in terms of sportsmanship. Thanks for the game, pan! --bayder


  • Hey players,

    today epinikion (axis) surrendered to baxter (allies) and baxter to epinikion :). In fact we are both impressed by opponents gameplay and our game isnt over at all. It`s an endgame when japan with complete asia, moscow and east of europe while allies are in pacific, africa and last not least in berlin.
    The game should be fun to watch.
    TOC15_epi_vs_bax R24 Jap.tsvg

  • Panpal (axis +9) Defeats epinikion (allies) in round 6. UK attacked the baltic fleet but lost of it air units in round one considerably slowing down. Germany took Africa while Japan after a slow start managed to grab all the islands and start reinforcing Germany in Egypt. US attacked the combined axis force but poor dice resulted in a defeat. Epinikion decided to surrender at this point, even though the Allies were still capable of fighting. I would like to thank epinikion. for a fast game played online and over pbem. Unfortunately for him, the dice were one sided so I am looking forward to playing again soon.

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