TripleA Needs Your Help - Call for 2.0 Beta Testers

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    Has the "Show Comment Log" feature been removed from TripleA, in 2.0 (meaning the ability to add user comments in game history)?

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    FYI: When you create an in-game error report, it gives you the link to the bug report that is created.

    @Cernel no, not removed. Specific questions/issues, let's address them in github issues please.

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    Why are beta testers asked to create bug reports directly and not report issues here?

    • The bug report has all all the questions that we need for each bug report. Not including the answers will lead to us asking those questions. Asking about all such things in this one forum thread will be overwhelming.
    • Each bug needs its own tracking. We need to know that every single one is fixed, can't let one slip through on page 4.
    • Each bug has a separate conversation, first details if we have any trouble seeing the problem. Sometimes a bug will need a developer conversation on how to fix the code before we can actually proceed. Some of those conversations are lengthy. Adding a few pages here to discuss one fix will drown out other conversation.
    • We need to keep testing moving, can't stay focused on one topic, we want a rapid fire gatling gun of bug reports here.

    FWIW, the bug report form is really minimal, has the essential questions and then a few less, and should take a fraction of the time it does to do any level of thorough beta testing.

  • I like version 2.0 of TripleA. However, I found a bug that prevents units from being placed on a map. I attempted to place various types of purchased units on the Greyhawk and each time the game basically crashed.

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    @Greg-Anderson I believe you are supposed to report that in the GitHub repository linked at the opening post, adding the savegame.

  • @Cernel I already submitted for bug reports today, including this one. I was just commenting to give some feedback and mention a notable bug.

    I'll keep beta testing.

  • I just noticed another major bug while testing TripleA 2.0 with the Greyhawk map. Units cannot move to territories controlled by the same power or move to transport ships. The ships themselves cannot even change sea zone.

    I already submitted a report but I wanted to mention it in more detail here.

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    @Greg-Anderson i think you can go to github, and find your error report, and type in your name and comments in the comment section so the admins can see who reported the bug and to get more info. when you use the bug reporter, it doesnt automatically give your name or all the details, so if you could provide your name and details they can help better. use this link to see all bugs reported, find yours and comment in it.

  • From what I have seen, the bugs I've noticed only seem to affect the Greyhawk Wars map, which is quite peculiar. The map worked well in version 1.9 so I am unsure as to where the problem might be.

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    @Greg-Anderson said in TripleA Needs Your Help - Call for 2.0 Beta Testers:

    From what I have seen, the bugs I've noticed only seem to affect the Greyhawk Wars map, which is quite peculiar. The map worked well in version 1.9 so I am unsure as to where the problem might be.


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    I want to thank everyone that has stepped up and helped test 2.0. It's never enough testing, but ya'll are in the trenches and I want to say thank you for your help. The number of bug reports rolling in has certainly increased, I hope the fixes can keep pace, please keep at it!

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    So many bugs reported, and well reported too, good work! There really has been a surge in reports in the last few weeks. I tip my hat to the group 🎩

    For context/guidance, the "Must-Do" column of the release project is roughly what is left now:, not much especially compared to the massive 41 items in the 'done' column.

    Alright, one last push! Please download the latest, and see what you can find. Most problems have been fixed in latest. The next week is going to be critical, if we are just unable to find anything, then it'll be release time! Hopefully this would be one of the best and biggest TripleA releases, presenting TripleA 2.0! (We simplified the numbering, so it's actually a 1.10, but we figured we'd start using that first number and make it look a bit grander 😁 )

    God speed & good hunting!

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    @LaFayette and @redrum @RoiEX I would like to say THANKYOU! personally for all of your hard work! I have NIDEA why the lobby bots all crashed today but the infrastructure worked perfectly and I was able to restart all bot servers with linode reboot. WELL DONE SIRS! MANY EXPLETIVES AND SALUTATIONS! Thanks!

  • Im not a tester or anything just a player but I rerad earlier you find people slow to migrate - just from my point of view when I migrated to 1.9 from 1.8 I found all my game saves were no good on the new platform so since then always been loathed to migrate to new engines. Not being a programmer or anything wondered why game saves on Maps that still exist can not be loaded on a new engine. Why are such not compatible?

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    @bluelionman Basically when the savegame format was originally created the author coupled the format to the code structure, simply because it's an easy thing to do it this way.
    The problem with this approach is that as soon as we change certain files in the code, it makes the savegames incompatible with no good way to fix those problems.

    This circumstance has caused us developers many headaches in the past because

    this format is neither compact, nor efficient, nor human-readable

    • Brian Goetz (JDK Developer)

    So we're working towards an engine where breaking changes will happen rarely, but for savegames we're not quite there yet, @LaFayette put a lot of effort into rewriting lobby networking, so that should become a lot more stable for a while.

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