• Hej TripleA-heroes... I start a new thread: I am making a fusion of 2 great maps: Starting from Bungs & Verquins Global War II-map basics and Heppsters & Larssons Total War features like winter, territoryEffect etc. It is not going to be a shocking new map, allthough I am working on extra features ( new units , triggers ) and trying to clean up things like units placement. I have graphical roots so my programming skills are limited to COPY -adapt-PASTE ERROR ERRO ERROR -TRY TO FIX... 😉
    Also I am quite new to this forum so remind me if I make mistakes.

    Besides I have a wish list of features I like to add to this game version of which I don't know if they are possible: some requests might me close to impossible or will make you laugh a lot : for sure it will show you my lack of programming skills 🙂 haha..... I'll post weekly some features and hope anyone of you Code warriors can help me with feedback on POSSIBLE and if so.. in what way... ( I used to work in map making for Civilization RED ww2 where there where lot of scripting possibilities) would be very apreciated! and later this year some critical gametesters too ofcourse. anyway...... still didn't manage to get respons from VEQRYN but I hope he approves me using his map as starting point.

    Keep the good work.. happy to see this TripleA community is so alive.

    Global.png ![alt text](image url)

  • 1ST FEATURE REQUEST: Is it possible to create a counter which limits the nr of units on a specific territory? ( for example: Wake & Midway island are tiny coral atols: I like to avoid 10 armour units to be located there/ and see if I can counter massive unit stacking like >30 infantry units in Russia) POSSIBLE OR UTOPIA? thnxs .. you guys are my Orakel in this.....

  • Hi @ebbe

    I think you can do it with "placementLimit" although I've never tried it.

    Actually looking closer that doesn't seem quite what you want. I thought I remember it being possible though.

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    @ebbe said in TOTAL GLOBAL WORLD WAR II- fusion & clean-up PROJECT:

    1ST FEATURE REQUEST: Is it possible to create a counter which limits the nr of units on a specific territory? ( for example: Wake & Midway island are tiny coral atols: I like to avoid 10 armour units to be located there/ and see if I can counter massive unit stacking like >30 infantry units in Russia) POSSIBLE OR UTOPIA? thnxs .. you guys are my Orakel in this.....

    Not possible in a proper and clean way.

  • @Cernel Okej clear...thnxs

  • update: still busy with Placement.... reshaping territories ... adding some (like azores)... also making seperate units for each Neutral faction.. added some new units: realising placement -space is sometimes scarce so total nr of unit types is wisely to be limited: still I wished sea mines and a Flotilla unit to spice up Black sea and Baltic naval encounters.... Seamines can only be constructed in a seazone next to a owned industrial territory, but still that doesn't take away the fun... It has-AA style pre strike when attacking it. Flotilla is a tiny navy unit that negates a seamines' pre-strike ..... Besides seperated sea-transport (harbour to harbour) from invading by sea with landing boats. Made a landing boat unit for this. Works all fine.
    Now the Black sea has some action. Next thing is partisan activity.


  • Is there a TripleA-wishlist for BIGGER things? LIKE: From a strategic point of view I really would like some FOG OF WAR to be introduced.... likely impossible to achieve but still..... I I personally think that with weather-element ( winter ) and terrain types which are allready succesfully introduced by the comunity.. fog of war ( I think) would be another great feature. Imagine you play Germany and you can only see the enemy units that are bordering your territories. The surrounding areas beyond just showing a Question mark sign, revealing after invading this enemy territory. More element of surprise, deceaving.... and so... like happened with big offensives sometimes. And if air units can also function as reconnaissance and reveal all territories they fly over.... it would be nice spark of reality of warfare? Naval units could function like choosing to steam ahead 2 moves in the blue open or more careful one step to check opponents... Anyway.. I am likely dreaming away of the programming reality and I consider this to be likely impossible.. but hey, why not asking....

    fog of war.png

  • Hi @ebbe

    yea you wanna go here:

    Fog of war would be way cool and has been talked about in the past.

  • @beelee hej, I see ... clear.... ! thnxs

  • almost finished making region labels with their terrain and extra features ( also lot of fact checking about regions geological features and oil production in ww2. ) and organizing placement so that the whole will look organized and clear.... takes some time 😉 Sso the placement boxes are just for outlining and will not appear ingame. Also experimented with Small city tiles, that will have a extra space for unit placement on the maps top edge, just like in the old school axis and allies map....

    placement labelling.jpg

    besides trying to make a experiment with clustering all players into 5 main groups: so that they can also attack together.
    ( also turn order )

    1. Western Axis: Germany - Italy - Vichy France* & minors Rumania - Hungary/Slovakia & Finland
    2. Eastern Axis: Japan and minor Mandsjoekwo
    3. Central Allies: USSR - China & minor Mongolia
    4. Western Allies : Uk - Western USA - minors: South Africa - Brasil - Free French
    5. Eastern Allies: USA East - Uk pacific - ANZAC- minors: dutch east india & nepal

    All get their own pu's and production as has been done before In total war and with UK in global war.
    The minors get limited production options and limited purchase possibilities like twice a year,
    appearing in a majors purchase menu. anyway I give it a try.....!

  • getting on with some player Start & info screens.... for a ! break with bugfixing .. 🙂 startrussia.png

  • oooh still busy with placement/alignment.... feels like zen-budist practice.. 😉order.jpg

  • They don't have to secure pacific convoys because Japan wasn't attacking them.

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    @ebbe Especially since this seems to be a so much very rare case of a map getting territory names right (you even spelled "Rumania" correctly, first TripleA game I see), I really hate to see the name "Benelux". That is a construct that I don't believe existed in a WW2 map or before (let me know if I'm wrong). I took a look at Wikipedia (of course), and it says that the term was invented in 1944 (which is several years after your starting time), but I think anyone will really associate such a name with post-WW2 reconstruction. I don't think I would use it anyways, as I don't feel it is a map name.

    I think any time you have multiple countries per territory, you can just name the most important country (you have Switzerland, not Switzerland Liechtenstein), so I suggest calling the territory as "Low Countries" (instead of "Benelux").

    Also, technically, "Belgium" is part of the "Low Countries", in a wider sense of the term. Besides, "Netherlands" (like Spain and a others) is a wrongly named country, that should have really been called "Northern Low Countries" since Belgium seceded.

    Wondering whether Roma is in North Italy or South Italy. Anyways, North Italy was way more important than South Italy: It should be more than twice the value of South Italy.

  • thanks Schulz & Cernel for your feedback... .. details I appreciate myself too, will be taken into account ; )

  • Schulz: there was minor German (Monsun Gruppe) and italian submarine activity though in the indian ocean , red sea and pacific.... italian sub was even found in Honshu at WW2 end... but yes... minimal appearance ... I rephrase the objective you refer to ; )

  • Creating "overflow boxes" if many units will mass up in small areas.. like islands, to keep a good overview...! Coming slowly to a finish of the placement chapter... which took me far more time than expected
    overflow boxes.jpg

  • HELP REQUESTED: I like to have some feedback on:
    a 21st June 1941- scenario starting Production ballance!
    ( I see many 1940 or dec 1941-maps but I aim this scenarios starting point inbetween...
    just 1 day before operation Barbarossa starts )

    in the current map I have a AXIS : 90 Versus / versus ALLIES 162...
    Somebody here in this forum must have an opion/resources about this..?

    GERMANY: 38 (incl. Finland/Slovakia-Hungary/Rumania)
    ITALY: 17
    JAPAN: 26 ( incl. Mandsjoekwo)

    USA: 50
    USSR: 37
    CHINA: 15
    UK: 24
    UK-Pacific 17
    Anzac: " 8
    Canada: 8
    Free French:3

    Thanks for any response !

    Layout is not finished in example below but I just need a temp change of challenge now...
    Stalin allready points Go West ; )
    example Western Soviet territories TRIP.jpg

  • Besides I am looking for a as close as accurate/realistic UNITS setup for a 21st JUNE 1941 SCENARIO: based on the AXIS ALLIES GLOBAL MAP ..... the only example I could find is following variant from Johnny on BGG but I see no feedback or reflections on that variant...

    otherwise I use the regular AA global setup and spread out the units corresponding to the new territories and actual new battle zones ..... more or less....

  • Wow! This is really cool! I see some units that are not familiar to me, like the armored train. What are some other new units you are adding? Also it would be nice to see a screenshot of the Pacific side of the map. Interesting game, I'm excited to play it once it arrives. armour.png

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