• Maybe the Free French could have "partisans" which would spawn in German-controlled France on occasion, meaning it would be necessary for the Germans to keep a lot of units there to hold France (because if they left it empty partisans would take back control). Also you should make it so that as soon as Paris is retaken all Vichy French territories turn Free French

  • @JOSEPH-PRINCE : I will have partisans for the russians, Yugoslavs, french and some UK pacific for in the jungle...

  • Will there be a version without oil, to overcome AI limitations?
    Lots of conquered territories (by Germany) were used for conscription of cheap cannon fodder. Even for Waffen SS. Maybe this option could be present in some areas.

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    @ebbe said in TOTAL GLOBAL WORLD WAR II- fusion & clean-up PROJECT:

    @Hepps: Mountain bonus for Italians/ Alpini.. good idea... hej your units especially the sniper, sas & alpini look really really good ... I know by now it can be difficult to get such clear and smooth result in this small 48x48 pixels ! you make them yourself? you have my interest on Global Dominance... Total War was allready impressive... ( ps: Guerilla instead of Geurilla I suppose; coming from the Spanish: Guerra = war / Guerilla : little war 😉 )

    @joseph price: thnxs for suggestions.... yes I am gonna give the ANZAC a commando style unit: rangers for in the jungle & desert...... and your CV-33 is better! thnxs

    Thanks, I thought they all turned out good. Yes I made them myself.

  • Some additional new territories you should add: Serbia-Macedonia (lower part of Yugoslavia) effectively cutting Yugoslavia in half and insuring Greece survives for at least 1 turn before German units reach it. Greece itself could also be cut into Northern Greece and Peloponnese (Southern Greece) and lastly Crete which would make the campaign there more interesting. Generally a lot of areas in the balkans (Slovakia Hungary could be made into just slovakia and hungary, Greater South Germany could be split into Czechia/Bohemia and Austria). In the pacific Borneo should be split in half between the British and Dutch into Borneo and Malaya. Back to Europe, some of the neutral nations like Turkey and Spain could be divided into multiple territories. Otherwise the map looks good. I'm excited to play it come 15 december!

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