Feature Request: Reinstate Internal Dice Roller

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    Github sends me here, so I request to reinstate the Internal Dice Roller for Play By Forum games and Play by Email games, as discussed here:


    That feature has been removed at any time during development from to the current version. I cannot tell exactly when as I did not find a pull request explicitly addressing this.

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    Found the PR https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/pull/4454
    Turns out I removed the class, I can't remember why though ūü§Ē
    I believe there was a discussion of who was still using it but I don't remember if it was on GitHub or on this forum.

    Adding it back it should be a managable task, but not as simple as resurrecting the class because a lot of code changed in the meantime.

    RoiEXLab created this issue in triplea-game/triplea

    closed Refactor PbF/PbEM Poster code #4454

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    @RoiEX Thank you for digging this out. Maybe the "discussion" was in the topic I quoted above. However I must have missed any related discussion unfortunately. And as rarely anyone on the forums used any newer version than 1.9.x this change did not pop up earlier.

    I have no idea about the coding implications of course. But in the end it would be sufficient if the "local game" dice logic was used in case the dice server settings are not filled in.
    At the moment I cannot start the game when leaving the dice server settings empty.

    Just an idea...

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    But in the end it would be sufficient if the "local game" dice logic was used in case the dice server settings are not filled in.

    That would be a good option to consider

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    Perhaps this is simple as making the dice roller fields optional. (though, if you set one, then you need to set all of them as required, or leave them all blank to not use a dice roller). To make the UX better for this we could default a checkbox "Use MARTI dice roller" to checked, and if you uncheck it then it hides the MARTI dice roller fields. A Help button would be pretty key here to explain that MARTI would do external dice-rolls and internal would simply just not use that.

    I think there are probably some implications for the game engine itself as the way PBF is done is kinda hacky, the flag indicating PBF is not direct and probably would trigger a request to Marti. We'd need to make the 'using-marti' be an (internal) game option and to check only that for whether to use marti or not.

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