Wargaming is a niche - Legendary Games Podcast Spotlighting Triplea

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    We'll be getting a spotlight from the Legendary Games podcast in the coming weeks/months.

    In the meantime they've done an interview with Larry Harris that would be of interest to everyone here (and will be interviewing David Jensen of 'A&A.org' soon too!)

    The Larry Harris interview is available at:

    Wargaming is a niche, it's not for everyone, but there are people like you and me who love it - and for these people I make my games. "
    - Larry Harris

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    @LaFayette thanks for sharing doubt i will subscribe since my podcasting bandwidth is already maxed out but def listening to the LH interview and would love to hear the triplea episode as well please ping us when that happens. 🙂

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    Are they gonna talk to anyone from triplea ? Or is it just kind of a review thingy ? I would guess A&A.org might comment on it. Doubt Larry does.

    Good stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Hello everyone, first of all my personal thank goes out to "LaFayette" who opened this topic here and was very friendly and helpful but I'll come back to that later.

    My Name is Dominik, and I am one of the main members of Legendary Games, a german podcast project which talks about "old games" of our youth. Most of the time, this means we talk about computer games, but this time it was my turn to pick a game to talk about, so I picked a franchise I fell in love already before the first play and I wasn't disappointed ever since: Axis and Allies.

    As for every episode, we try to speak to the developers of the games (e.g. programmers, lead designers, etc.) so after a while Larry Harris agreed on an interview with us, being well prepared for our questions. We talked a little bit over 3 hours and after putting some work in the post production, you may now hear the 2 hour tightened final result.

    The links to the episode were already posted by LaFayette, additional links e.g. Deezer or Stitcher can be found on www.legendarygam.es - so you have plenty opportunities listening to the audio file. The video of that interview with game material will be released in Winter 2020 on our Youtube Channel. I will separately inform you about this.

    Furthermore, the topic Axis and Allies consists out of 4 parts this time:

    • 1 - Main episode (Interview with Larry Harris Jr), english language (119 Minutes, 2020-09-20)

    • 2 - Main episode of our podcast Team talking about Axis and Allies, german language (end of October 2020, in post production right now)

    • 3 - Community Talk with LaFayette, giving a state of play about the game engine TripleA (24 minutes, Nov. 2020)

    • 4 - Community Talk with DJensen, giving background information about www.axisandallies.org (Mid Dec. 2020, in post production)

    We try to stick to this schedule the best way we can and I'll update it from time to time in this post. If there is a delay it is caused by work, family or a prioritized Main Episode. The next one will be recorded at the end of October with John Cutter from Cinemaware, about games like Defender of the Crown, Rocket Ranger, It came from the Desert, Sinbad, TV-Sports Series, etc.

    • For topic 3 and 4 we will prioritize the release on our youtube channel before releasing it as a podcast episode. You may check our channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnGK67sOqgB5ZJHbPf0O7Hg

    • A let's play of A&A 1940 (including thoughts behind those strategies) using TripleA will be released in October as well on this plattform (comments in german language).

    Well that's it for the moment. After listening to the podcast, we're happy when you share your experience with us. Did you like/dislike the episode, where to improve, etc. We're always happy to receive feedback from active listeners. Thank you very much in advance and now, it's on you to enjoy the podcast episode! 🙂

  • @beelee said in Wargaming is a niche - Legendary Games Podcast Spotlighting Triplea:


    Hello and thank you for your comment. To make this clear, this podcast episode isn't just a simple review thing. Being fans of his creations we were deeply researching the origins of A&A, the development it has gone through and the future direction the franchise may take. We centered the interview with Larry Harris around A&A, and we were also asking him about his opinion to TripleA (which is just a short segment). Naturally the interview went on to his recent game WarRoom and his upcoming game Imperial Borders.

    P.S. Sorry, but i was too stupid to quote your full comment. I tried to correct it but that made it worse. 😞

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    @Dominik-M heh heh no worries 🙂

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    @Dominik-M great interview still need to listen to the second half wonder what larry would think of total world war if anyone could ever convince him to download tripela. 😛

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    Thanks @ubernaut for pointing it out. I have been afk a month sorry. I will attempt to watch it shortly. I am glad @Lafayette and @djensen47 were interviewed as well. Thanks for informing and including us @Dominik-M .

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