Factory/Town building in version TripleA v2.3+

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    Factory/Town building in version TripleA v2.3+

    I have a map I have been working on, it is War of the Lance with fixed links and my xml, a Fantasy map.

    It is easy for me to use this map to test Factory/Town building, as I know it well.

    By turn 5 the Imperial faction should of built another Town/Factory because they have spare PUs to do so.

    Attached are two outputs from the Hard AI logs;
    One from version TripleA and one from version 2.3.21625

    v1.9 line 508 Best factory unit: Town
    v2.3 line 615 should say Best factory unit: Town, but it is missing

    Both versions have the line above
    507 and 614 Try to purchase factory for territory: Heartlund

    Im guessing, it would appear it i s a logic problem or the routine is missing?

    A request to aid Testing, please put on line 1 of ALL Hard AI log files something like;
    TripleA version, Map name, Map version, Faction and Turn number

    This way the Devs know what they are looking at when I send them copies of the Hard AI logs.

    Finally in my testing I have noticed that ver 2.3 AI is significantly faster than 1.9, thanks Devs!!!

    2.3-WotL-Imp-T05.txt 1.9-WotL-Imp-T05.txt

  • @TheDog wonder if this has anything to do with the AI not building factories thing ? Hadn't seen an AI log before. Cool 🙂

  • @TheDog Where do you see the AI log?

  • @ff03k64 @beelee
    Yes Im hoping this is the reason why the AI is not building factories.

    To turn the logs on.
    Load TripleA,
    click Debug (top row)
    click Show Hard AI logs
    Tick Enable logging
    Log Depth: = Finest
    Tick Limit Log History to: xx (I have mine set at 99 rounds)
    Click OK button at the bottom
    Play your game against the AI
    Look at the logs when its your turn.

    To copy a log, select the Round-Faction tab that you want and click in the log window,
    press ctrl+A (to select all)
    press ctrl+C (to copy)
    then paste it into your favourite text editor, I use Notepad++ (set it to Yaml to help read the text)
    Save it, upload it. to TripleA

  • @beelee @ff03k64
    Please download this new Pre-release
    [https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/releases/tag/2.3.21895](link url)

    You'll never guess what it does 😛

    On one simple test, it builds a Factory/town, so please download and test it, LOADS.

    Im hoping this works so I can move to the latest versions.

    Thanks Devs 👍

  • Admin

    You're welcome @TheDog , big applause here for @Trevan for taking up this issue and seeing it through.

    This thread is a really great example of how we could be tackling bug reports. I dream that we can get a team of people doing the same to make fixes easier, which results in more fixes. So a big thank you @TheDog for going the extra mile here.

    /cc @Cernel

    <begin rant>

    This is just a really good example I think of when we can pinpoint a problem, make the problem very clear and state very clearly how it should be fixed, and give clear examples of where the problem is and how to trigger it, then it makes getting to a fix much easier. Let's compare that to something like "factories are not being built." At the end of the day, the questions of above, how to see the problem, how to trigger it, MUST be answered by someone, either the developer or the problem reporter. If we can get more of the community to do more of this, it'll make the development efforts go further. At the same time, I can't promise it won't be fully used, there will be waste (which is how it is, development efforts sometimes are wasted, and particularly so when the wrong fix is implemented because the exact fix is not the right fix or fixes the wrong thing).

    </end rant>

  • Awh shucks (looks down & shuffles feet)

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