Forum/dice info carryover

  • In 1.9 and possibly other earlier versions, forum/dice info from Play-by-forum games would be carried in the file, even if the file was opened in local mode. In this way, you could take a forum game, execute the turn in local mode, and then reopen the game in forum mode using the autosave after combat and proceed with official turn. You wouldnt have to retype all the emails, forum numbers, and dice info when doing this.

    So far as I can tell this functionality was lost in all the 2.* versions. Is there any chance this will come back?

    I personally relied on this feature to avoid mistakes reimplementing my turn and so was very disappointed to see it removed. Temporary solution is to retype all that information every time, but I find that to be very tedious and wish it just worked like it used to.

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    @ksmckay yeah that sounds pretty annoying have yet to start a 2.x game but trying to get one going now, PBF with live battles. ūüėē

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    @RoiEX Has the way infornation was saved inside the savegame changed in a way that it is removed when switching from PBF to local mode and back? On purpose or accidentally?

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    Well we changed the way the storage works because passwords were temporarily stored as part of the savegame and only removed just before posting/mailing.
    I don't remeber the details anymore unfortunately, but I can assure you that we didn't intentionally kill this behaviour, probably it was silently dropped because coding was easier this way over another, I'd have to dig through the change history to be sure though.

  • any chance this will be resolved or has been resolved. Its the one bug/missing feature for me that makes this version very difficult for me to play. I know I am not the only one.

    Appreciate all the work that goes into this game, so not trying to complain (even if I am).

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    @RoiEX i wonder if this has anything to do with my issue of not being able to get a PBF game going on mac.

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