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  • I have no experience creating maps. So I'm wondering if someone could create a few small maps that I can use for testing my new AI. They don't have to look good, just need to be functional.

    The maps that I'd like to have are:

    1. Map with only land (or it is an island with water around the edges) that has two players each with a capital on the other end. They need to be separated by at least 4 territories with a few paths in between the capitals.
    2. Map that has a U-shaped land mass. The two capitals should be at the ends of the U. In the middle of the UI is water. The distance by land should be at least 6 territories. The distance by water should be at most 4. The capitals should be on the shore, though other variations where the capitals are not on the shore but there is a factory on the shore would also be nice.

    The units don't have to be anything fancy. Basic infantry, tank, transporter, cruiser/battleship would be fine for now. The values of each territory can be randomly selected.

    I'll probably have additional map requests later on but those are what I could use at this time.

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    @Trevan i swear there is a preexisting map that is similar to #1 i would be glad to help but I only know about graphics, not the coding things that are required to make a map.

  • Would the old chess map work ? Idk if it's still around

  • @beelee Good call, I have the chess map.

    @Trevan put me down for #1.
    Do you have a preference for which WWII map xml, I should take the unit stats/rules from?

    As beelee suggested I will use the chess map, it will not be pretty, but it will be functional. I will put a few mountain squares on it, to break up the grid.

    If no one else offers I will also do #2.

    Ideally when do you need the test maps by?

  • In another thread RogerCooper suggested the minimap map

    Would this map be better than the chess grid? It has victoryCity territories.

    If so I can change/put all/some of the units back on their bases etc?

  • The minimap looks good. That can do #1 for me. I can use edit mode to move the units around to what I need so I don't think I need any changes to it.

    I don't know what the chess map is.

    For #2, if you want to modify the minimap so that the straight route was water instead of land and add two more territories on the bottom and top routes, that would actually do what I need as well. It isn't a U but it should still test out transport logic since the shorter path would be by sea with a transport (2 turns) instead of by land (3-6 turns).

    As for unit capabilities, the basic setup is fine. I know how to edit unit attack/defense in the map so I can make changes if I need to test some other scenarios.

    As for when I need the maps, sometime next week would be fine.

    Thanks so much.

  • I saw the mention of the Capture the Flag in the other thread. That also looks to be useful. Are there other decent tiny maps? Maybe some with water?

  • @Trevan The Small Balanced ... series of maps has water.

    For the Chess map, check here link

  • Trevan as requested here is the U shaped map on a 8x8 chess grid, its not pretty but hopefully it will do what you need?

    Open folder "For Trevan only
    download and unzip it

    When you load Triplea look for 5 versions called;
    .Test Chess alt Capital Land-Sea-Air (has a separate Capital on the edge of the map)
    .Test Chess Land only
    .Test Chess Land-Air
    .Test Chess Land-Sea
    .Test Chess Land-Sea-Air (Capital and factory are in the same territory)

    Please ask for any changes that will make your testing cycle easier.

  • @TheDog Thank you for the maps

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