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    Mistress of Italy, Rome, looking over the sea, discovers herself engaged in the inexorable struggle for survival against the might of Carthage, encroaching on Africa and Spain, and the islands nearby, as far as the columns of Hercules, the end of the World.

    In Greece, the royal hegemony of Macedonia is bitterly challenged by a warring coalition of free cities and leagues, from Sicily, in the west, to Asia, in the east.

    Across what remains of what was taken by Alexander, what had begun as a spate of civil conflicts conflated into a dynastic strife between the new realms of Egypt and Syria.

    Beyond the Hellenistic world, the ascendancy of Parthia looms on the horizon, eager to champion the resurgence of Persian supremacy to her former greatness.

    Meanwhile, hailing from unknown lands, the tribes of Numidia are swarming out of the wilds of Libya, their savage want for slaves and violent desire for booty, unquenchable.

    'Tis a clash of civilizations: for either side, the other side is to be eliminated.


    By Cernel

    Happy new year everyone! I'm excited to present a new map (modification) officially released (1 January 2021) for TripleA 2.5.

    Download it by launching TripleA and clicking on "Download Maps" or from here:

    The game is 2 sided, with 4 powers per side, but a random hostile player is going to add some mayhem to the fray (it gets "triggered" easily).

    The main concept behind this modification is having a game like 270BC but funnier, faster and with more balanced units. The game scarcely tries to be any historical (In particular, the territory ownerships of the original 270BC are intentionally simply kept no matter if historically wrong.). I believe this is also the first TripleA game coming with a full rulebook too!

    Estimated average play-time (at normal settings) is 6 hours per game, with all good players.

    Please use this thread for whatever you want to say about the game, if only to let me know you liked it or not. If you want to be through, be sure to make clear how you played the game (settings, number of players and so on) and maybe share the save-game.

    I believe the game is finished, but changes are, of course, possible, and I'm open to whatever contributions. In particular, it would be good to fix the many wrong or misplaced territory names, but this would also need someone providing a full set of new images for all territory names (also non-changed ones). Map-skins are also welcomed. In any case, be sure not to provide anything copyrighted.

    Play-testing balance is still critical.


    "270BC Wars" is a map modification of "270BC". Credits are at the end of the game's notes. For the official 270BC thread:

    Special thanks to the following pre-release (before 1 January 2021) play-testers (lobby usernames, each possibly followed by the forum username):
    Navalland @Schulz
    guerrilla_J @guerrilla_J

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