Help: National Objectives are removed when editing name of map file

  • Hello,
    New to the forum, but I believe this is the right place to post this question. I wanted to make minor modifications to an existing game .xml file. ww2global_balanced2_0.xml. I was able to make all the mods to the game I wanted, except when I modified the <game> <info name="some string" version="someversion"> line, the National Objectives were no longer showing on the UI panel.

    So I tried copying the original ww2global_balanced2_0.xml file to ww2global_balanced2_1.xml and made a single change...added a 1 to the name, i.e. "...Balanced Mod31". The game loads fine, but again no National Objectives.

    I can play with my new ruleset, but I have to use the name "...Balanced Mod3" to get the objectives, which forces me to remove the old file.

    I don't understand how the game engine "knows" that the objectives are associated with the specific string "Mod3" since searching for that string is not found anywhere else in the .xml file.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    @Jim-Parker If you are making a mod of a map (meaning you are doing nothing else but adding the xml of your mod, referring to an existing map whose skin you are not changing), you can't have the Objectives tab.
    If you are making a map or modifying a map, then you need an in main folder, with entries in the form of:
    A= the info name with underscores instead of spaces
    B= the player name for the objective
    C= the full name of the objective (like "objectiveAttachment1")
    D= the description in the Objectives tab

  • @Cernel : Thank you! That was the subtlety that I was missing. Works now.


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