New Maps for Testing and Feedback

  • I want to see people projects and see what people are working on. Here is a new map I made this is my first map. It needs work and loving,looking for feedback. It is loosely based on viking history.

  • @vikingmaker You distributed this as a double folder. I was able to fix it, but you should be careful about that.

    I loved the unit art. The map is nicely executed. However there are many problems with the scenario.

    1. Mercia & Northumbria are misspelled
    2. The starting locations are completely ahistorical.
    3. There are no political rules. Free for all's don't make for interesting games. At least create alliances.
    4. The units use Viking-themed art, but it doesn't feel very Viking. The units are designed for a WW2 style war of attrition. No fortresses. No local fyrd. Units can be produced without limitations or maintenance. I do like the high speed of transport boats.
    5. There seems little difference between the proto-feudal English kingdoms and the Vikings (except for the cute Monk unit).

    Keep at this. You have actually done the hard part. The problems I noted can be fixed.

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    @vikingmaker Looks like a good start. I'd agree with most of @RogerCooper feedback. The only thing I'd add is using the dice for the PU amounts feels weird and is a little confusing.

  • Thanks for the feed back. I will fix what I can when I and if I have any questions can I contact you ?

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    @vikingmaker This is the mapmaking thread. I am sure someone will help you or just Pm Red in this forum. Using the start chat function. Same with Roger

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    @vikingmaker We are all here to help. You can always just ask questions in your own thread. We all tend to look in these types of threads and are interested in seeing games develop.

    another benefit of posting in your thread is lots of developers read and can give you different ideas and perspectives for improvements.

  • Here is a link to a map of the North Sea area at the time of the Viking Invasions of England

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    Looks interesting! I can see that this map is in early development, and so some of my feedback is stuff that can still be changed early on. I see a lot of potential in a map like this. It could be fun and special, if it made use of some elements that could make the map unique and different.

    • You should defiantly change the PU pictures to something else than dice. How about gold? And then call it gold and not PUs? Pictures could be a golden number like:

    • Boats can’t sail out from the Danish isles (sea zone 80). Maybe make it possible to sail east of Zealand.

    • Make the graphical outer map, that is not a part of the board-map, a lot thinner, so it does not take up that much of the view. Maybe you can do this with another “old paper map” picture. Maybe something like this:

    • Here is my focus point: How about making this map be about a war of religion? Like Norse Gods vs. new Christianity? Maybe the game could be about collecting or destroying runes and crosses or something? Maybe the map could spawn runes and crosses (holy items) randomly (at start or during the game) and the Vikings should destroy crosses while the Christians should defend them? (And vice versa of course) Maybe these special items could generate resources like “faith” that, when accumulated enough, could buy or open up a win trigger, item/unit or maybe buy a heavenly being to come and help in the war? LOL 😄 … I have not thought this through, but I would think that this could spice up the map. I would think that it would benefit a lot from having other goals than just killing the enemy. It would also add a story to the whole map.

  • 0_1510188588909_sneakpeak.png
    Just thought I would give a little update. Here are some of the new units.
    I have got away from PUs and I am now using faith food and gold
    I have make it so some buildings need some units to be created and some build unlock new units.
    I like the suggestion about unlocking some gods in the end game to help win so i am playing around with that too.
    I want to have idols that generate faith and will be fought over to release your God
    Still progress is slow and it will take some time.
    If you guys think of any other suggestions put them in now while development is early.

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    @vikingmaker Kinda really like that the cartoon graphics are like nothing we have seen here before.

    Hope you keep at it and refine the ideas and concepts to a really finished piece.

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    Looking forward to a new testing version 😁

  • Is there a way i can make my resource go into the negative and my AI doesn't want to play with me unless and give one unit a PU cost and The Al some PU then it buys units fine but no buildings?

  • @vikingmaker If you want to use the AI, you need to use PU's as your primary limiting resource. Keep in mind that TripleA is not Civ and elaborate series of special buildings and unlocks is not going to work so well.

    I suggest keeping things simple and only use 1 resource. You could use special buildings to generate units, a cathedral could generate 1 monk per turn, and sacred grove generate a beserker.

    You should decide whether you are doing a historical game about the Viking invasions or a fantasy. Ragnarok could be a great scenario, but it would need a different map.

    Love your unit art.

  • so total war is coming out with my version of the game in 2018 and I just found out out about a game called endless legend which I find to be ridiculously fun all that plus work I am thinking about scaling back and making a mythology version. Norse vs Greek vs Egyptian vs Hindu vs Chinese
    Maybe just start with the first two and add on as i have time. any ideas for a map? I was thinking sometime to do with stars.

  • @vikingmaker Rather than a war between mythologies, why not do a war within the mythology. Norse mythology has Ragnarok. Greek mythology has both the Titanomachy and the Trojan War. Egyptian mythology has the struggle between Set & Horus. Hindu mythology has an entire wiki page of wars.

    Doing a war within a mythology solves the map problem. Most mythologies have some defined geography. For example you could start with Viking Europe and then add the mythical stuff as side maps with limited communication.

  • @vikingmaker Another possibility other than mythology is try to be historical. The Viking invasions of Northwestern Europe are gameable. Don't try to be a 4X game, TripleA is not a good engine for that. Conceive it in TripleA terms as a conflict between Denmark, Norway, Mercia, Wessex & the Frankish Empire. It is nicely asymmetric conflict which reached a definite conclusion.

    Another historical possibility is the conquests of King Knut. Everyone is Christian but the Scandinavians still have control of the sea. Knut conquered England & Norway.

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