Start of a new v3 anniversary tourney?

  • @prastle I think tournament need to be gaming both sides: Axis and Allies, so it can be balanced for gamers; also we need to be at least 8 gamers for that, thanks and Greetings.

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    @Raville it is

    the bid is for third game if a tie after each play allies and axis

  • is bombing germany with 6 bombers really legal? 18 average damage to Germany per round and German average product power would be under 30. It is devastating. Am I right?

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    Hi All - just curious if we can use the usual bidding system to assess whether to play the Axis or Allies? Playing 2, or potentially 3 games with a given opponent may take a long time. All other AA 50 tournaments are single-elimination, and the bidding system ensures that the bid is fair between both players. Just a suggestion, but happy to follow consensus if there is a view otherwise. Cheers, Delitum

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    @Deltium I am fine with that as well but I am expecting this tourney to take awhile, no rush. Thus it would be nice to make all players play both sides. I am OK with the consensus either way.

  • I can only PBEM, but if that's ok you can count me in... 🙂

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    @Blasherke I have spoken with many of the players and many of them feel that they dislike pbem. My suggestion is pbem is allowed if both players agree but live play in lobby is default. Also I am certain they would be willing to schedule by chat here ( old private messaging ) or email an hr here or an hr there of live play. There is no strict time frame on this tourney. Not a lot of us left that play AA 50. 🙂

  • I'm in please

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    Let's take a vote on PBEM vs. live. The problem with live play for many people, is that I just can't commit to playing for 3+ hours at a time. I am fine with making a move at least 1x or 2x a day (e.g. morning and night), and it would be a good idea to get everybody up to speed on how to play PBEM, since all tournaments are held this way, both historically at TripleA and at other websites like AAMC and DAAK. The reason for this is because it is hard enough to get even 8 or ideally 16 people into a tournament these days, and you usually have the best shot if you structure it as PBEM.

    I'd like to make a plug for PBEM anyway. It's quite easy, and all you have to do is register on the Marti dice server and get all of the dice rolls to you each and every turn. The software is very well integrated to be able to automatically send files back and forth.

    Well, that's my 2 cents! 😀

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    @Deltium I will do pbem even tho I hate. 🙂 I dont want to lose players 🙂 Sadly i cant vote for the rest just what they have said.

  • @prastle Ok I understand, no problem. Regarding your statement about less interest in AA50, may I ask what game version is hot nowadays in the lobby?



  • @prastle Never tried it, but maybe "play-by-forum" is a go-between option?

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    @Blasherke its same as per always a lot of revised and nwo rest a mix and a
    lot of global

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    Hi All - I thought that it might be helpful to explain how PBEM works, because in my personal experience, a lot of people like to play live, but they may have a perception that PBEM is too difficult, or don't know how to do it. So, here's an easy to follow guide !!

    The process to play PBEM is very simple. First, you just need to register on the Marti dice server. This will allow you to get the dice rolls for each and every round of battle. The link is here:

    Next, the process is the following. Your opponent will make his normal moves, and any results from the dice will come to you basically real-time. Your opponent will then save the game file (or the program has an automatic option as well), and send you an email with the newly updated game file.

    Once received, you simply follow the same steps:

    • download the file that your opponent sends to you in an easy to find folder
    • start TripleA software
    • click "open saved game"
    • click on the file and then click "open"
    • then, click on "start PBEM"
    • then, click on "play"

    After that, you just make your moves, and then save the file and send it back to your opponent in an email !

    Very simple, once you get the hang of it !!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know, and I am happy to play a few sample moves with you by PBEM if you need assistance. My email =

    Cheers, Deltium

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    Well, it is quite variable from time to time.

    Better you just join the lobby an see yourself.

    For example, as now, counting all games in progress with 2 or more players inside (some might be not really in progress):

    1x Big World 2
    1x Big World
    1x Neuschwabenland
    1x New World Order
    3x World At War
    1x WWII Europe
    3x WWII Global
    5x WWII Revised
    1x WWIIv3
    1x WWIIv5

    Lately prastle accounts for the majority of the WWIIv3 games played, maybe.😛 It is not as popular as it used to be. Normally I see more game of the Big World v3 Rules mod than v3 itself.

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    @Cernel true cer i left out waww and tww 🙂

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    @Blasherke sadly play by forum still broken but
    @RoiEX has a fix that needs to be installed and then all need a new dl

    i imagine this will occur once they release a new stable

    just what i know i could be incorrect

  • @Deltium said in Start of a new v3 anniversary tourney?:

    I didnt understand anything about of pbem, lets use lobby.

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    So where is the signup? Sign me up for this tourney. I vote dice, lol. But i'll try it out in LL too.

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    @General_Zod cool gz. Atm two want pbem but the rest want live. l will add ya to the list.