Battle Calculator Question/Feature?

  • Love the battle calculator! Being able to Ctrl + B on a territory is great. However, I'm only able to do that for one side and the opposing side has to be manually added. Is it possible to click on the opposing side's territory and have it automatically populate the battle calculator?

    Additionally, if it's possible for it to be additive that would be even better. For example, if I am Russia and Moscow has the potential to be attacked by enemy units from 3 territories the next turn, I'd like to calculate Moscow's defensive value vs. the potential maximum enemy attack. I can easily calculate the defensive value of Moscow by Ctrl + B on the territory. However, manually adding 3 territories can be necessarily time consuming in complex maps (e.g. TWW) with the potential for multiple unit types combined with large unit counts and multiple territories. Therefore, would it be possible to click on the 3 enemy territories to have their units and attack values automatically populate the attacker/enemy side?

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    @ghostronin if you're attacking you can send your units to your target and it'll do both sides. Then if you don't like the odds just delete your move.

    For the Moscow example only thing I can think of would be to go to local mode and click through to the attackers turn. That would only work by playing by forum not live though. You can hit the space bar to speed up clicking in case you weren't already aware of that.

    Others may have a better way of doing it

  • @beelee Thanks for the feedback. I'm thinking more from the defenders perspective and Moscow example. Going into local mode and clicking thru to the attackers move is an option, but seems time consuming.

    @redrum Thoughts? Is it possible to update the battle calculator to allow for summation of units on click? Thinking thru some of our TWW battles...this would make things much more efficient when calculating force deployments vs. maximum attack as a defender.

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    @ghostronin Yeah, I'd like to make adding units from multiple territories as attackers or defenders much easier. This would be especially useful for calculating "potential attacks" against the current nation that you are playing. This is especially true for large maps with many units.

    One of the problems with doing this right now is that you can actually have multiple battle calc windows open at the same time so if you created a hotkey so that you could click to add units from territories as attackers or defenders then you'd have to either ensure that only 1 battle calc window is open, do it to the last one you had selected, or do it to all.

    There are some other technical challenges in that you'd need to potentially add new unit options to the existing battle calc window if you click on territories where the options aren't already available (especially true for multi-nation defenders).

    But this is a good suggestion and I'll add this to the feature list.

  • @redrum One more thought based on the last round from our game. Perhaps simplifying my request with a hotkey to max possible attack, including air. For example, if I had looked at the map more closely I would have realized that you have an advantage with max possible attack in the battle of SZ127 and you brought your air Hupeh, etc. If I had realized I would not have move to SZ127.

    Similar to the hotkey "f" which allows you to see units with movement left, one hotkey could show max possible attack and highlight units that could attack a certain territory. Likely this feature would get more use on complex maps such as we discussed.

    With this being a "perfect information" map I think this feature could simplify the decision making process for the player without a downside as there is no "fog of war" or other unknown variables.

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    @ghostronin Yeah, I've thought about this before and go back and forth. The problem is you still need to consider if things change between the current players turn and when their enemy would go. So it could often give a false sense in the case of can-openers and such. The AI actually does use something similar to this when determining where to defend.

  • @redrum Could clarify/provide example of this piece :things change between the current players turn and when their enemy would go." I'm not sure I understand the full breadth of what could change, e.g. tech, multi-nation moves (TWW - Italy then German move against Russia).

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    @ghostronin Yeah, imagine you are playing Russia's turn and have 1 unit in an adjacent territory blocking germany tanks from 2 territories away. You think you are safe but then on Italy's turn they attack that one unit to clear the path for Germany's tanks (known as a can opener). So when you checked max attackers, you thought the Russian were safe as they were before Italy went.

  • Ok, I understand and agree in reference to my highlighted units piece.

    However, I think that could potentially be resolved by my request in my original post. A click-add of enemy units within a territory. In the Italian/German/Russian example. The Russian defender could assume that Italy is going to use a "can-opener", then click-add the german units that could potentially blitz thru.

    IMHO the click-add combined with the hotkey function would be especially helpful. To your point, the battle calculator in any form is only a good as the person not only inputting but interpreting the information, GIGO.

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    @ghostronin Exactly. I do agree with your original proposal. I think the key is giving players the tools to quickly and easily select the units they want to simulate battles for. Just being able to test a defense and click the adjacent enemy held land territories to select those as the attackers then you can manually add say enemy planes or multi-move land units would save a ton of time.