will be shut down at the end of the year

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    It's been a long time since I initially setup this new Forum.
    More and more it seems this forum has become the de-facto unified forum.
    In order to save resources (money as well as maintenance work) in the long run we decided to shut down at the end of the year (31th December 2017).
    Note that we won't do any migration of topics. This has been discussed multiple times now, and we decided that all archiving should be done on because most of the topics are not really important (who needs hundreds of PBF games?) and the ones that are, have already been migrated/can be migrated manually.
    If you want to preserve individual pages of the warclub forum, feel free to archive them on and perhaps leave them a donation if you like what they're doing.
    The tripleawarclub domain however will then point to this forum directly, so you are automatically getting redirected here.
    This change will not affect the MARTI dice server at, however I'm currently working on a brand new dice server that aims to fix a couple of issues the current server has and be easier to maintain in general.
    There will be a time when both dice servers will be usable, but MARTI will finally be shut down as well in the forseeable future.

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