Revised Tournament of Champions, Season 12 (ToC 12)

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    bayder (Allies) defeats frank_the_tank (Axis +9) by surrender in UK9, played mostly online with some PBEM turns. This game was defined by a G2 attack on the Allied fleet in sz12. The USA bomber had missed against a U-boat in USA1, so the Germans gambled and successfully flew a ftr from Lib over the AA in Alg, commencing an attack on sz12 that ended with the expected result: 1 ftr and 1 bomber surviving for Germany. This slowed the Allied naval expansion in the short-term, but also hindered G's ability to trade and to threaten SZ's later in the game. Japan rallied and stacked Persia a few times, resulting in bloody exchanges with the Russians. Ultimately, UK and USA put the squeeze on Europe until Berlin fell with Japan too far away from Moscow. Thank you frank, for the fast, fun, and friendly game!

  • Pannpall (Allies) defeats PaddyMaroon (Axis+8) by surrender in UK8. Germany placed the bid in Africa and bought a transport in round one. Uk attacked baltic fleet and managed to kill 2 trannies and 2 subs at the cost of 2ftrs. Jap bought 2 factories in round 1 but lost a carrier. Round 2 was a turning point because the German med bb managed to survive a US attack killing 2 ftrs and 1 bomber. Then Germany bought a carrier and a trannie in med which enabled them to trade Egypt and threaten allied navy. Meanwhile, Jap bought a third factory and starting pumping tanks. Germany was forced to trade EE, WE, belo, Ukraine but managed to assemble a moving stack that threatened west Russia and Caucasus. Jap managed to stack Persia. Finally on round 7 axis tried a combo attack against the well-defended Caucasus, Germany suffered grave losses but uk reinforced the terriority with tanks and planes so Jap attack also failed. After that Russia was saved while Germany was isolated and weak so axis surrendered. Overall it was a great game played online in two sessions. I would like to thank PaddyMaroon for the excellent communication we had which enabled us to play online even f we are in different time zones and I would like to congratulate him for a fun challenging and fast-paced game.0_1519158385383_paddy_vs_panpal_toc.tsvg

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    @cmr - apologies, but the tournament started already. We shall keep you in mind for the next one!

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    @deltium No I havent been able to contact him yet/

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    k we gonna play on sunday/!

  • Stroid (allies) defeats Centurio (axis, G7). It was a quick, 2 round game. USA was able to counter attack pearl harbor solidly and there were two jap trannies in sz 60 that the UK bomber was able to sink on UK2. Centurio wisely saw the tight position and called the game early. GG centurio, thxs for playing!

  • eboy82 (Allies) defeats Blasherke (Axis+9) by surrender in G10 in a PBEM game. Germany went for a Mediterranean transport in the bid and managed to join up with - luckily - only parts of the Japanese fleet before the Suez was closed by a blitz of russian tanks based in Caucasus. So the game was very intense until America won the battle of naval + air buildup in the Mediterranean - but it was a tight one and Axis saved the fighters. This phase defined the majority of the game length. In the later rounds another russian tank blitz enabled the now superior american navy to sail though to India leading to the surrender the following round. Thanks to Blasherke for an interesting and fun game.

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    @Blasherke It Looks like we are up. Email/ Pm me, or slap me in the lobby. Good Luck Have Fun!

  • Please enter me to the tourney

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    @barca the tourney has already started. Feel free to join the next one 🙂

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    I received this email from KingKelly, who is having login issues, so I am posting the game result on his behalf:

    "Hey Deltium, King Kelly won the match against GeneralDudeU. I seem to cannot post the win, but hope this is sufficient.

    Game was King Kelly (Allies) versus GeneralDudeU (Axis, G9), with Axis getting bad dices all game and Allies able to quickly get food on ground in Africa and Europe. Resulting in USA factories within Europe and a quick end on Axis hope. Thx for the game GeneralDudeU, well played! Thx and BR, King Kelly"

  • Ajmdemen (allies) defeats Quartermaster (axis).
    Axis placed their bid of 10 in Norway as a fighter and tried to kill uk bb+tranny+sub with sub+2figs+bomber on g1. Good chances but dice decided the uk bb to survive the attack, so pretty much Germ lost 3 planes for not much and allies quickly gained advantage which then snowballed very fast.

  • Just to be sure to post officially, King Kelly (Allies) defeats GeneralDudeU (Axis, G9). Thank you for playing General, you are a great sport, gg.

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    So Brut (Axis) Defeats Ondis (Allied) after 13 rounds of more consistent play.
    We were going to continue but can't really find the time and the favour is slowly but steadily shifting into Axis favour after a disastrous naval battle whiped the US fleet.

  • Centurio wins playing Axis. It was a quick match up!

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    Just a gentle reminder to everyone to please try and attach the last game file when you report your games.

    The reason behind this request is because it allows the newer or intermediate players to see the various moves and to learn from them.

    Results are updated dynamically on the bracket website:

  • 0_1520016916529_MogwaiTOC12.tsvg

    AdamF (allies) wins vs Mogwai

  • Hi, I'm new of the Forum....I'm interesting to play...but... is it late?

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    @ingcameroni yes this toc has already started. Feel free to sign up for the next one tho.

  • @prastle time!!! tnks

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