Inflict Bombing Damage On Capture

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    Currently, there isn't any way to inflict bombing damage on captured infrastructure units.

    Create a new property to add bombing damage when a unit is captured:

    <option name="whenCapturedSustainsDamage" value="10"/>

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    @hepps You could do something like whenCapturedChangesInto but without some sort of trigger, I don't think there is anyway to set bombing damage.

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    @redrum Yah, that's what I thought.

    since damaged and disabled units are in fact separate units... you can in theory use the "whenCapturedChangesinto"... but there is no mechanism to set the damage level.

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    @redrum Would this be worthy of a feature request?

    I mean would it be easy to add?

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    @hepps Should be doable though depends on the implementation. Options:

    1. Probably the simplest thing would be to add another parameter to "whenCapturedChangeInto" like this so you could replace the existing infra unit with a new damaged one:
    <option name="whenCapturedChangesInto" value="any:any:true:factory:1:10"/>
    1. You could instead create a new property like "whenCapturedSetBombingDamage":
    <option name="whenCapturedSetBombingDamage" value="10"/>

    *** One potential issue is that if you actually change into multiple different types of units then setting bombing damage to all of them might not make sense. So you couldn't for instance have a factory change into 2 new infra units and have different bombing damages set for each of them.

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    @redrum Well I'm not sure whether you would ever apply bombing damage to multiple different units. Normally I would think that you would have the original unit changing into a damaged version of itself.

    But would it work just applying the second of your examples?

    For example if a infrastructure unit is already set to is capture-able...

    then you set it to....

    <option name="whenCapturedSetBombingDamage" value="10"/>

    Would there need to be other attachments? Or would the engine automatically interpret the data and determine whether the unit needs to be changed into a damaged or disabled version of itself?

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    @hepps That the idea similar to how whenCapturedChangesInto works. I think the question is should whenCapturedChangesInto and whenCapturedSetBombingDamage be able to work together? I think if you apply them in that order than I could make it work at least for most cases.

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    @redrum Yes. But what I was asking is.... If you just eliminated the "whenCapturedChangesinto".

    Because if you set a unit to "isinfrastructure" then the unit is capturable...

    What I'm asking is would the engine automatically change a unit into the damaged version of itself if .... "whenCapturedSetBombingDamage" is applied.

    The reason I ask is that if you want a unit to turn into something (or somethings) else... then you probably don't need to apply damage to those.

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    @hepps Yeah, it would make sure to change to the _hit image if necessary and disable if bombing damage is reaches max operational damage.

    I was thinking more along the lines if say you wanted a Factory to change into 2 materials and have those materials start with an amount of bombing damage. Essentially, whether we should in some way support using both "whenCapturedChangesInto" and "whenCapturedSetBombingDamage" on the same unit.

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    @redrum Well I hadn't pondered a combination effect. Not sure why you would want to do both at the same time. Feel like if you wanted something to be damaged.... it wouldn't then change into a different damaged unit or units.

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    @hepps Yeah, I think just focusing on being able to inflict bombing damage on capture first.

    The only remaining question I have is:

    • Should the bombing damage amount be "set" or "added"? Example: I have a factory with 2 damage already that is then captured, should this property add say 5 more damage for a total of 7 damage or set the damage to 5?

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    @redrum Additive for sure.

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    @hepps Oooooooo moved to Feature Request.... and on that day the Grinch's pants grew 3 sizes more tight. 😃

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    @hepps And even added to the list. If only the list didn't grow faster than things were checked off...

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    @redrum To quote what a somewhat wise man said to me not to long ago...

    "All depends how dedicated you are and how late you are willing to stay up :)"

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    @hepps @redrum this reminds me of the pre release list 🙂 It grows and grows and grows 🙂

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    @prastle As does the rich tapestry that is our game experience.

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    Thinking the new property should be called: whenCapturedSustainsDamage


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    @redrum "Sustains" is the clearest wording that cannot really be misinterpreted as meaning anything else.

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