Large Middle Earth queries

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    @alkexr lol. Damn it!

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    @redrum I'm quite certain that, as long as they know it, all mapmakers will use png, now on. So supporting jpg or jpeg is relevant only for backward compatibility, and they are all jpeg, now.

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    @cernel Probably true though unless you'd like to volunteer to update all the existing maps then it will probably stay supporting jpg/jpeg forever šŸ™‚

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    Here is your new Small map @alkexr

    0_1528508788626_smallMap prototype.jpg

    I made the territory lines bolder and changed the border as the map has too many placements near the edge of the map. So we couldn't use the first design without redoing the placements.

  • @hepps Well, you started redoing the placements as far as I can see, and if you don't finish that, I will. The placements are auto-generated if I recall correctly, and they always cover the territory names or are otherwise in weird places. A good placements file is essential for a good visual experience - I started to understand that when making Alagaesia (after someone pointed this out).

    This border style is perfectly fine.

    Another thing, there is multiple screens' worth of empty, impassable ocean that could be utilized for, idk, some useful info, in case it is necessary.

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    You are probably going to want to play around with this and find the sweet spots for yourself... but here is my recommendations for the mini map settings...


    0_1528545276108_smallMap prototype.png

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    Here's a little something incase you want to move this thread into Maps & Mods.

    0_1528548544022_Title shot.png

  • @hepps I wouldn't like to glorify myself. Focus should be on the map, not me.

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    Discussion of the map is moved from this hijacked bug report thread to the official thread here.

  • Hey Alkexr - I don't know if you want this query here or on another thread. I just potted that the High Elf ship can't travel very far south. I assume that certain sea spaces are created as being impassable perhaps, eg sz8 and sz20. Was that deliberate?


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