Hi, I'm Dukes

  • I'm 38 and from Minnesota. I played A&A for the first time with some friends last weekend and got totally hooked. In looking for a way to play online I found this place. I downloaded the client last night and am getting familiar with it. See you around!

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    @dukes Welcome to our digital crack cocaine playground!

    It's so addictive it should be illegal.

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    @hepps Gigglez but true! Welcome!

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    Hello 😊 Be sure to to give some feedback on your map experiences. Many maps are like under constant development. Do you mostly play LAN with friends or online? Human teams, Free for all, Co-op vs AI games?

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    @Dukes - welcome. Some constructive ideas for new players like yourself:

    • Take advantage of our AI program in each of the games to get a feel for the maps and different versions of A&A. We have Classic, Revised, Anniversary, Spring '42, and more! The software accommodates all of the various options as well.

    • Once you feel comfortable with the maps and layout, play live! Be prepared to lose a LOT of games, but take each loss as a learning opportunity ! The "history" section of each game file allows you to easily look back and see where you could have done something differently, or examine an effective move of your opponent.

    • If you are like me, you should keep a file of various tactics, strategies, and key calculations to remember going forward. There is SO MUCH to discover below the surface, so challenge yourself to go deeper and deeper.

  • @frostion I'm just doing AI on the revised map for now.

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