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  • One of the best features, IMOP, is the ability to add custom options to our maps. It would be nice if there was a to control the screens layout, or at least group like options together. The default layout, top to bottom, then to the right top to bottom, etc... Just the ability to create the number of columns, and place specific option in those columns, I think would help the readability of the screen greatly.

    Just food for thought.


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    @wc_sumpton I don't follow. Are you talking about in-game options? Or in the map options screen?

  • @hepps So sorry. You are right. The button label has changed, and I never noticed. It use to be called 'Game Options', now its called 'Map Options'. Maybe I should start opening my eyes when I code.

    The screen I am talking about is the one that is opened when you press that button 'Map Options'. It displays the <propertyList> section of the xml for <property> editable='true'.

    Some maps have a lot of options. (TWW is short and easy to read) So that is the screen I'm talking about.

    Going to close my eyes now...


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    @wc_sumpton Cool. Just wanted to try and visualize what you were suggesting.

    Roiex and myself are working on UI upgrades. So perhaps elaborating on your desires might be a worth-while endeavor.

  • @hepps Right on!
    Oops sorry. By the way when you were asking about 'In-Game Options' were you talking about the 'Purchase Option' method that some game use. I have tried that was also, but IMOA the 'Map Option' seem clearer/cleaner.
    Maybe something that might be possible would be a description tag. Some thing that's displayed but not checked in the xml.

    <property name="Add fifth Player (Northern)" value="false" editable="true">
            <textDescription value="Adds another player to the game." above="true"/>

    The textDescription would appear above or below the option, but would not be checked for in the xml.


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    @wc_sumpton Valid point. Given the current rework of the initial menus, I think probably waiting til that is complete then taking a look at game properties and giving map makers more flexibility is a good idea.

  • @redrum Thanks for the input. Things seem to be hopping.

    Global Dominance wasn't built in a day... or was that TWW


  • @wc_sumpton I think it's time to use necromantic arts here. Since the rework of the initial menus hasn't seen much visible progress recently, the question seems to be open again to me.

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    @alkexr what does necromantic mean ?

  • @beelee I revived a thread that has long been dead. Now it is an undead thread.

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