• This is the official thread for the Alagaësia map. If you have any bugs to report, or questions or ideas that could make this a better map, post it here.

    You can download the map from the map repository. It's under the experimental category.

    The Urgals are gathering on a march against Farthen Dûr bound by the spells of the Shade Durza. In the meantime, with the young Dragon Rider Eragon on her side, Nasuada, leader of the Varden, prepares to launch an invasion of the Empire of the evil Rider, King Galbatorix, using Surda as a base. Finally seeing a hope to dethrone the immortal Rider-King, Elves and Dwarves reveal their hidden realms and join forces with the Varden to strike at Galbatorix from all sides...
    Lead the armies of the Varden to victory against Galbatorix - or crush all remaining resistance against your Empire, securing your rule forever... It is your time to decide the fate of Alagaësia in this scenario based on the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

    The game comes with two playable scenarios, a 1 vs 1 and a 1 vs 3 scenario, with the alliance of the Varden being split into three in the latter one. Consult the game notes for an explanation of the various units and their abilities.


    (Original post, kept for reference)

    A simpler map this time. From the idea to beta version in less than a week. Current version: 0.1 beta. Download


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    @alkexr Wow, you are on a production run. Looking sweet.

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    @alkexr The map is doublefolder. It needs to be single folder to work.

    I mean not this:

    but this:

    If you make it this way, people will be able to manual install it without needing unzipping nor making any changes.

  • @cernel fixed

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    @alkexr The white unit borders make sometimes hard to read the white stack numbers.
    Users can change such numbers' colour, but I believe a map should be good for the default settings, especially in the moment such settings are not per map.
    So, I suggest you change all your units with these:

    Sadly, this maps feels like too much income per player for me. I suggest flux income of about 4 times the cheapest mobile fodder unit (that is 12 production per player, with cost 3 infantries). Here we are over 30 times that ratio (I see that here there is an incentive to go for pricey ones). Haven't played, but this can only mean enormous stacks, and, sadly, that is not my thing (just personal preference, look at "270BC 40%").

    Just out of curiosity, has this map a referring lore?

  • @cernelësia

    Doesn't this change make units less visible? They are better than the original other than that.

    Unit abilities work better with larger stacks; also if you cut production, you have the problem of 0 production territories; and you also need a separate unit production value for territories, because you don't want the player to place all units in a single territory (then cities are rather meaningless). More importantly, it changes strategy, because it's no longer viable to send out a small army to take a territory (because the minimal army to beat 1 unit with certainty still is around 3 units, except those 3 units are now half your army). You could cut production in half, I guess, but then smaller players (the Varden, basically, on the 4 player version) wouldn't really be able to buy riders, ever. And riders are the units that make strategy unique on this map. But yeah, armies grow to 50 units and above sometimes, and I understand that it can be micromanage-y.

    By the way, does the 4 player version even work? I think I noticed a stupid misspelling.

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    @alkexr It doesn't, but there was no need to report that.

  • @cernel Uploaded new version, misspelling fixed, replaced unit images with yours

    Though I think we need a general solution to stack numbers, like a black outline for the font (like the white outline I made for territory names).

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    @alkexr said in Alagaësia:


    Doesn't this change make units less visible? They are better than the original other than that.

    I provided that because I said it in the other thread too, but you kept white; but, really, whatever colour but white, is what I'm saying.
    Like, you can have them silver:

    I'm not saying stacks are bad. The popularity of Revised, NWO, WAW etc. means people like them stacks. I just don't (personally).
    I wanted to try this map, but so much income, so much stuff to buy is discouraging me heavily.

  • @cernel If I don't react to something on Fallen Empire, that's because I'm unsure about what to do and/or I'm waiting for more feedback on the topic. In this case I kept it white because I will need roughly 5-7 different border styles, and I haven't the slightest clue what those are going to be. Maybe I'm just too much of a perfectionist with that map, and I should rely more on trial and error than clever-sounding thinking. But that's a big project, and it's hard to track everything I do already; it could easily get messy if I started to change things around on a whim.

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    To max visibility, yellow is probably a good pick, posslibly looking similar to the colour of your PUs image. Might not look very good, tho. Especially the green ones tend to be a tad too mimetic, now. It should be a little better with my second suggestion (silver).

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    Looks sweet! But I can’t run the map 😞

    I just installed the latest TripleA release (, then downloaded your map, placed it in downloadedMaps, I can see the 2 player and 4 player version, I can chose a version and see the player names and alliances. But when I press play it tries to load and goes back to menu.

    Maybe you should think about changing the name from Alagaësia to Alagaesia, Most folks probably can or won’t type with umlaut. I am surprised that the engine can even handle it.

  • @frostion
    I think the problem is 'smallmap.jpeg' vs 'smallMap.jpeg' in the zip file. It seems to work just fine unzipped though.


  • @wc_sumpton Are you saying that in a normal folder it is case insensitive, but in a zip it's case sensitive? Anyway, fixed, hopefully.

    @Frostion Try to start the game, it throws you back to the main menu. Then start any other map, when in game go Debug -> Show console, and you should see the error message. Just a trick for when you next encounter this.

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    Yes, the minimap should be renamed smallMap.jpeg if it has to work while zipped.

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    @alkexr The only way to be sure would be that you test it on a case sensitive system (Linux etc.). Zipping makes some things case sensitive also in case insensitive systems, but not in all places. Still, if you are in a case insensitive system, testing zipped is a way to be considerably safer.

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    @alkexr Some interesting concepts. The whole system around casters/wards and canceling out rolls is pretty unique. I will say that I'm guessing the battle calc probably performs poorly with all the enemy support attachments of dice/rolls. Good test map to figure out the best way to implement taking into account enemy support attachments better 🙂

    Also, the green units are really tough to see because of the dark green background with dark green units.

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    @alkexr Nice looking map for a quikie. I particularly like how you shaped the mountain territories to fit the mountain peaks.

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    @redrum said in Alagaësia:

    Also, the green units are really tough to see because of the dark green background with dark green units.

    That's a drawback of my suggestion of going with a whitened units' colour for units' borders, instead of plain white.
    Maybe try using this, see it gets better from your p.o.v. or not:
    (my second suggestion of silver coloured borders).

    Making borders yellow or gold would be a sure solution, but maybe overkill.

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    Tried the map in a 4player multi today. Some issues and here's the save game.

    1. The boats don't attack each other thus can't kill each other.

    2. The artwork for some strange reason only shows for some players in the game and others basic version is shown. The view does not have the option to view details either.

    3. Might be cool to be able to build walls anywhere, not just in cities. But really too early to say for sure.

    4. Not sure on balance since Surda was misplayed on open. But Verda was able to make a comeback, just not enough. Btw was all humans playing.


    I do like the map though. Nice to have another fast multi available. Nice job for 1 week.

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