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    Welcome to the TripleA War Club website!

    TripleA War Club Mission

    The mission of this club is to bring together TripleA users who share these objectives:

    Having fun with TripleA
    Promoting further interest and development of TripleA
    Engaging in civil TripleA game play discussion
    Record-keeping in the name of friendly competition
    Providing a hub to find other like-minded TripleA players
    Having fun with TripleA
    Welcome to our site. I thought it was important to place our mission statement at the forefront. Above all else this is what we hope to accomplish with the creation of the TripleA War Club. I hope this sets the tone for the kind of club I think our community wants to be. This is the birth of the site, the club and the community.

    Expect to see many changes in the site and the organization in the weeks and months to come. We'll continue to evolve much like the TripleA project itself. There's plenty to do and anyone who'd like to get involved is welcome. There will be no exclusivity here. If you are able and willing to help in the shaping of this community, you'll be welcomed.

    I want to also thank the developers and especially Sean Bridges for the continued development of this project and the reason TripleAWC has been spawned. I consider this a full sister site of the main TripleA sourceforge & forum sites. Both will be heavily promoted here. The wishes and concerns of the development team will also be heavily considered. I think that's the least we can do to show our respect for their time & efforts.

    A post from Our History!

    Site Administrator Posted July 2005

    Further interesting past is located here


  • Prastle Rocks !

    No i don't want to to start a new topic. Heh heh. Rock on Pras ! Almost went with new topic 🙂

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    @beelee You can scroll there to view lots of neat stuff if interested 🙂

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  • @prastle Actually ...: )

  • @prastle Sorry Bro all good thing : )

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    @beelee top of screen move the date time line and click go 🙂

  • Hello!

    The release of the reprinted Anniversary Edition of Axis and Allies has gotten my interest up again. Of course, that led me to the best way to play A&A: TripleA!!!!

    I came to this forum looking for the most played version and what I found made my day!!!

    You guys are still using the write-up I composed for the grand opening of the War Club 13 years ago!

    So glad this site/club has survived and thrived through so much time and I'm glad the vision we had so many years ago has lived on.

    I look forward to checking out the forums and as I did then, I thank the developers and the folks who spend their free time making such a great game and environment.

    -XylefMTG (aka many years ago as Pughead)

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    @xylefmtg Did you used to go by Pug?

  • @hepps Yes. Years ago I helped run a boxing site in addition to the old war club site I hosted. My handle back then was Pughead on both sites.

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    @xylefmtg Good to see a name from Yeh olde days.

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    @XylefMTG 😮 An original maker! All hail the makers of old! 😁 🛐 📯 We bring gifts! 🏆💰🍒🍺

    We have tried to keep the spirit alive of the old warclub website. The category name "The War Club" and it's icon is based solely on the old site. The "club" is now technically more the social corner of this forum.

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    @xylefmtg I believe the question is if you (ex "Pughead") and "Pug" are the same user, and I'm guessing you are not.

    p.s.: Actually, 3 months ago your old WarClub was still there.


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