Middle Earth: Battle For Arda - Official Thread

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    @alkexr LOL... as far as what? The line is meant to simply separate the two versions of the territory names.

    Where exactly would you like to see it used?

  • @hepps Like so 😉

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    @alkexr I have designed all the PU from 1 through 12 as per the original game design... as long as I know what upper limits you plan to use... I can add more in without issue.

    You are going to be the one doing all the plotting and placement for the PU, UP and Names if it is to be done the official way. I emphatically refuse as it is an extraordinary waste of time... I did it for CCLXX and that is the VERY LAST time I will ever do such a ridiculous exercise.

  • @hepps Anyway...

    So I'm not sure it is necessary to change the territory names. But if I try to reverse the situation, and imagine that the question is whether or not the new names should be changed to the original names, I can't think of any reason to do that. So it's just status quo bias on my behalf: the new names are better.

    As for placement of stuff: I'll just write a program where I can place this stuff instead of having to manually edit the placement files. I have done it manually once for this map, that was enough for me too 🙂 I'll also write a better placement picker I think. Not now, though, this will have to wait until around August, barring miracles.

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    @alkexr That would be a superb improvement.

    I don't mind doing it all as long as we do it in this method....

    1. All of the terrain and relief imagery will simply be put into the Base Tiles folder.

    2. All of the PU, UP and Territory Names will be placed in the Relief Tiles folder.

    3. If and when we implement Flags for the map (or anything else) they will be placed in the Decorations Layer.

    Doing it this way will allow me to do everything for you as well as making any alterations very quickly without all the laborious work associated with doing things with the established methods. If and when an easier system is developed we can redo all the work at that time as it will be simple to change.

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    @alkexr And to be clear... if you export a snapshot of the last version of the map with the new names (Hide the units)... I can have all of this done tonight.

    I can set up all of the Base, Relief folders with all the tiles already done and send them back to you.

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    @hepps Definitely think the bolder names look nicer and more professional.

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    @alkexr And if you want to make a final decision on the Title of this new work I can include a decorative title banner to the Bottom left hand corner of the map.

    0_1529859152841_Title shot2.png

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    @redrum And we know... I am all about appearing professional. 🙂

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    @hepps gigglez

    need your banner in donations drive bro

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    @prastle You mean the thermometer?

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    @hepps si

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    @prastle Way to hijack a thread for your own purposes! 🙂

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    @hepps Im evil like that

  • @redrum You mean something like

    Not Hepps-quality (yet!), but this is the first ever time I try pixel art. I didn't know I could do something like this.

    Not promising anything though. Let's get the map going first.


  • Wow. TripleA supports all sorts of weird characters in territory names? That does make things easier.

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    @alkexr I think that is already about the quality of the current units images of 270BC, that I believe are at least decent. Personally, I like the units style of LotR. Maybe I used the wrong words, but what I meant is that now the units and the rest of the graphics are strikingly different in style.

    I believe hobbits should have bigger feet?

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    Also, is having hobbits as combat units sensible at all with the lore? I remember little about the books, but someone that knows it better than me (I assume) told me that it makes no sense to have hobbits as military units (we were talking about the regular TA LotR).

    I personally like both the current units of 270BC (they can be improved, as @Hepps showed, but I think they are already quite good) and the units of LotR; so I was talking just relatively with matching the rest of the graphic. On this regard, your new proposal clearly matches it much better. Also good idea about the white around the picture, to make it easier to spot, but I'm worried that may make sometimes hard to read the white stack numbers (not sure).

    EDIT: Almost forgot. If you (or anyone) are going to redo the units 270BC (Civilization II) style, I strongly suggest them being at least 64x64 pixels, even tho such a dimension is currently not fully supported by the program.

  • @cernel Hobbits did fight a "battle" in the War of the Ring (Battle of Bywater), and they also sent several hundred archers to help out Arnor against the Witch-King. But that's basically everything, so no, not too sensible. But then again, we never saw the Shire come under serious attack, and Hobbits are very resilient and enduring; I think it is reasonable to assume that the Enemy would have been surprised at the resistance he would have met, had he invaded them.

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    Very nearing completion.

    Here is the coast of Gondor...

    0_1529951892241_Coast of Gondor.png

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