OMG this forum is a nightmare, everything is backwards or confusing... lol, I'm too old for this...

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    @Falkon-Powers There were a number of reasons to migrate to this forum for better or worse. We tried to migrate to only the warclub forum and that did not work out after half a year of trying it.

    There are some local skinning options that may help. Perhaps we may want to consider looking at a more retro default site skin..

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    @LaFayette To build on LaFayettes comments...

    It's really just about getting used to how this forum works. It might operate differently which takes some getting used to, but once you get used to how it works the benefits definitely become an acceptable cost of having to adapt.

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    It’s not really a skin problem as I see it. It’s more the all too fancy design that, similar to many other newer websites, does NOT box stuff in and therefore make it difficult to navigate and understand.

    Like the posts in this thread and the categories at the category page. Older style websites would make much more use of frames and boxes.
    Another example on way to fancy elements are the slim grey and almost invisible lines that separate posts. Makes no sense that they are not more visible, but it is actually very similar in design to the new Google and Hotmail design (Sorry I mean “Outlook”!) and even YouTube uses these nearly invisible lines at their website.

    I also feel too old for this #¤%&, but I am getting used to feeling old =)

    PS: As a mapmaker that wants to share and show pictures with transparency, shades and shadows, I think the default forum background color should be white/very bright. Just saying.

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    FWIW, here are our choices for 'themes'

    I think we have teh best one selected.

    Skins there are more options, but less radical differences:



    Well, beyond everything, I am learning the new interface too.

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    @LaFayette You can also set your own skin preference instead of whatever we set as the default.

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    @LaFayette skins are set here
    obviously not prastle i like the darkly think roi uses another one but to each their own

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    @prastle OMFG!!! That is so much better! Changing it from the really dark setting to a gray one makes all the difference in the world.

    Thank you for discussing this.

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    sigh @Hepps ya workk in progress guess we need more notes but it will get there yes everyone can set their own skin :) etc and ignore and thread they want to watch etc

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    @Hepps also they can chose who to follow their posts ;) not that ima follower but love reading yours :)

  • I set my browser so all the webpages are the same darker grey color cuz I hate white screens sooo much but anyways no complaints here and just following the forum game AI thread and the interesting maps and mods threads

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    @prastle Wow I just found the setting where you can have the threads displayed by pages like the old forum!!!!

    Such an improvement over the wildly sporadic infinite page layout.

    Liking this forum more and more by the day.

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    @Hepps Had some one ask... so here is where you find it.

    0_1498494543051_Page setup.png

    It is such a little innocuous button.... but brings such great pleasure.

  • I hope that everybody can eventually get used to it. Axis and Allies .org will also be moving to NodeBB (the software for this forum).

    A few big advantages:

    • Mobile ready (try visiting this site on your phone, it works great!)
    • Email replies (when turned on, you can reply to updates to a thread via email and it just works)
    • Maintainability, the source code is clean which makes plugins and managing the site much easier

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    @djensen47 I am undecided how to react to this. It saddens me with the thought that after all the growing pains TripleA has gone through our members play pbf and pbem there.

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    @prastle @RoiEX This does remind me of a question I had. Do you know if there is a total space limit for attachments and if so what it is? This is a problem that we've run into on Axis and Allies .org that the server has run out of space due to PBF game attachments several times which is really annoying as it then is an empty save game.

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    @redrum the file upload sizes are located here
    =2056 KiB also the allowed file types is listed there as well

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    @prastle I meant is there any max total memory limit not limit on each individual upload. I don't see anything in the settings which I assume means there isn't. In other words, could we have a million file uploads on the forums without any issues?

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    @redrum correct until we run out of server memory which i would have to check with roi. Also server memory is cheap to add.

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    @redrum I forget atm what it was when bung told me years a go. @RoiEX would know or @LaFayette

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