Removing my own units (disbanding), starvation and terrain questions

  • Hi,

    I couldn't find even similar problems, so, I'd like to ask for help.

    First problem isn't really a problem, but very simple idea which would be very useful for me in my own games.

    Is there any way for player to kill/disband/remove units? I do not want to use edit mode, because I want it to be part of the game and I'd like all players, including AI to use this option in some cases. If there is already such option, can I set somehow refunds for it? And.. if there is no such option, maybe you could add this as part of movement or placement (or to be optionally there and/or there). Maybe click on unit/units and hit "del"? It would be very useful in some games I'd like to make.

    Second problem is: Can I kill/remove any unit in certain situations? For example, I'd like to kill X of Y type units if player have no Food resources at all or remove PUs or resources, as a punishment for something (using -X of something, PUs, for example) or reward for something (destroying enemy, capturing rich town, plunder, weather, random plague - whatever.

    BTW, it there any possibility to use random numbers in TripleA? For example, I'd like to set some units randomly on the map every turn (for example it would be "plague unit", "weather unit", brigands, auxiliaries). But, I'd like to give for example random number of units or PUs to certain players at random turn? I know that first turn can set players randomly... but is it possible to use it every turn?

    I'm guessing I could make "starvation" and "weather" as units of AI controlled pseudo-faction, but maybe I do not know everything?

    I guess there is no such thing like "ammunition" or "morale", but we can only one thing we can use as kind of "strength", I mean - number of hits, right?

    And last question is terrain... It this possible to allow/not allow player to place units on certain type of terrain only? For example, I'd like to make it impossible to place windmills in the desert or mountains and build sawmills only in forests. Can I do it?

    Also, I'd like to punish or reward units depending on terrain (not modify att/def, but damage or downgrade/upgrade units. I would like not to use hidden pseudo-units for this, if this is possible). For example, I'd like to make the same village more profitable every turn if placed on grassland than the same village places on, let say, desert or swamps. And... I'd like to make it possible to move the village (using unit as village), so I could make caravans as profitable, movable town?

    And BTW... I understand the problem making "TripleA Map Making" pdf, but is there any list of commands, options, scripts and possibilities? Proper TripleA syntax? For now I'm learning from reading game files by game files, but mostly games are using only parts needed...

    I'm sorry for such long post. Probably I should read whole forum first, but I'm reading it rom months now and I cannot find all the answers yet. Also, I'm reading every xml or every game and I have many answers, but some of these are not clear to me. And, as I can see, I'm not the only one looking for similar answers.

    For my last defence line I'd like to use fact, that I'm working on my own game and if I find all the answers I need, I will release some games. And maybe I'll will be of some help with engine or at last, I'd like to make a bit different version of the engine.

    Thank you!

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    @comr What I will say is that most (if not all) of what you describe here is already possible.

    If you are starting to get into map making one of the first resources you need to examine POS2 (the Pact of Steel 2) XML. It describes just about every single thing you can do with a game XML.

    From there the are several games that already exist that can give you examples of things you are looking for...

    Production and placement limitations... Total World War 1941

    Ammunition... Civil War

    Many of the other things you are discussing are achievable... you just have to get creative with some of the game functions.

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    😮 That is a lot of questions. Maybe you should edit your post and give them numbers, so people can inform you what they are answering.

    In regards to "reward for something (destroying enemy, capturing rich town, plunder" maybe you could use the whencapturedby turns into feature. Example: When a "Town" is captured by enemies it turns into "Plundering Town", a unit that generates X gold, Y food and also a "Town" unit. After the victorious player ends turn, a trigger deletes all "Plundering Town" from the map. Maybe it could work?

  • @hepps Thank you very much! The titles are the most important to me, most of the games are just versions and I'm already lost. I had no idea which version was the most "modern" to the fullest! Thank you!

  • @frostion Fantastic! Yes, I think it would work. I had no idea it's possible in TripleA... In fact it's answer for most of my questions! So, it that case maybe I should leave the post as it is. I'm newbie here and I already wrote some posts too much or doubled by my stupidity. 😉


  • @comr in case you don't have it:


    this is continuously updated as more things become possible

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    The Pact of Steel 2 XML is your best friend.

    Maybe take it one step at a time as well. Figure out some of the easier stuff first, the experience will help you get the others done later.

  • @beelee Thank you!

  • @crazyg Yes, I'm doing if for years now, but TripleA is much different now, so I'm starting it almost all over.

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